“The Walking Dead” may still be in production for the new season, but news comes out of the walker camp every week, and this week we saw Rick’s dearly departed Lori as a walker, rumors of a new villain, and Norman Reedus releases a photography book, like anyone needed another reason to love him.

The Stir dished on the possibility of a new villain that would make the Governor look like Mary Poppins. “Negan” is a very bad guy from the books who carries a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. And names it “Lucille.” Is anyone else mentally visualizing some ironic Kenny Rogers’ music somewhere in an episode?

We knew he loved Instagram, but Reedus’ limited edition photo book, “The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head,” is available for pre-order. The PR line is that “This provocative collection redefines our daily encounters. Through his penetrating imagery, Reedus takes us on what proves to be a hauntingly intimate journey through the dark and sublime.”

But co-star Andrew Lincoln had a few words of his own, according to the official Big Bald Head website of his production company:

“Every photograph is in some way autobiographical, as its composition and content all depend on the eye and the mind of the taker. But I would suggest not attempting this with these images.

I first met Norman on a blistering hot Georgia day four years ago. I have been trying to pin him down ever since and he has constantly eluded me. He is one of those rare human beings (if indeed he is one), that continues to surprise you the more you get to know him…

 “I had never met a Norman until Mr. Reedus appeared in my zombie apocalypse. He was my first Norman after 39 years on this planet. And so, as Barry White so eloquently put it…Norman is, ‘my first, my last, my everything.’”

Sounds like Lincoln and Reedus might be spending a wee bit too much quality time on set. Bromance, anyone?

But then, poor Andrew/Rick must be feeling pretty lonely without wifey anymore after she got infected and had to be dispatched by little Carl last season with a bullet to the noggin. Rick spent last season hallucinating her return, and now we see that he was seeing a bit more than we were, via some deleted scenes that will be on the upcoming DVD. No wonder he was so spooked. Although some show fans would argue the non-walker version was scary enough.

Y’all can be so catty sometimes.