Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) dropped a major bombshell last week at the end of “The Walking Dead,” when she quietly confessed to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) that she had killed the two members of the group and burned the bodies. You know… the motherly one. Who saw that coming?

You got some ‘splainin’ to do, Carol.

The obvious guess is it was her way of trying to contain the virus. Which obviously failed, giving us all new context to her behavior earlier in the episode when she told Tyreese (Chad Coleman) how sorry she was, how she’d check in on his sister for him and vented her frustration by kicking over water containers.

But how on earth does Rick handle this now? Now Carol is going off cockeyed and just doing whatever she wants without input from anyone else. How can he look Tyreese on the face knowing what he knows?

And speaking of Tyreese, he and the rest of his band of merry robbers on a mission to get antibiotics before people start doing ran into a little snag. Actually, more than a little… try a “superherd” of walkers stranding them by the roadside. And by superherd, I mean hundreds for as far as the eye could see down the road.

Will they get the medicine in time? And how do you think Rick will handle this info he just got dumped on him? Will he put his “symbolic hat” back on? (What the hell was Marilyn Manson on last week on The Talking Dead?”)

Check out the preview video, gallery photos, and the new episode tonight on AMC.

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