After the big news that Stevie Nicks would appear on an upcoming episode of “American Horror Story,” dishing on what might happen on tonight’s episode almost seems anti-climactic.


So, with the help of a few photos from the episode itself, there are a few questions that come up about what might happen. Namely, a photo of Madison (Emma Roberts) looking very alive and well. Now, that could be a flashback, but judging from that scarf around her neck, it sort of looks like she’s trying to cover up where Fiona did a number on her neck with a knife. And if Misty resurrected myrtle after last week’s bonfire, hey, why not bring Madison back.

The only question is, how much will Madison remember? Will she remember what Fiona did to her? More importantly, will she remember Spalding’s tea parties? And most important of all, will any of us ever get recover after that whole living dead girl tea party scene? Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty all over again. And not dirty in a good way.

Anyway… Another interesting photo from the episode tonight shows Cordelia looking normal without any burns or the blinding. So, is that a flashback or is Cordelia healed somehow? Healed, in this case, meaning physically healed, because I sorta like it when she can see what her dirty, rotten, no-good husband’s been up to. (And for what it’s worth, I knew exactly what he was going to do to his little girlfriend. I could see that man was far more evil than the witches in the house.)

And how about Myrtle? You know Myrtle is gonna be wanting some revenge after Fiona framed her for Madison’s murder.

I had thought it would be Nan who would step up as the new Supreme, but with all this resurrecting going on, Misty is sure looking good as a possible replacement for Fiona. Given that Misty can even resurrect herself after being burned at the stake, I think Fiona might have her work cut out for if she tries to get rid of Misty.

So let’s sum up just who all is out for Fiona’s blood here: resurrected Myrtle, Madison if she gets resurrected, Marie Laveau, and hard telling how many other people are gonna crawl out of the woodwork to try to give Fiona her due. You’d think as smart as she is she would learn to play nice. At least to people’s faces.

But then I guess she just wouldn’t be Fiona then, would she?

Tune into FX tonight for the next installment in “American Horror Story: Coven.” Here’s a preview video and some more photos from the episode that airs tonight.

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