While we may have tipped you off that there was a little murder brewing last week before the last episode of “American Horror Story:  Coven,” we sure didn’t see that one coming. If you didn’t see the episode last week, stop reading because this is your official spoiler alert.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy had tipped us off that someone was going to die on last week’s episode, and most people put their money on poor little Nan (Jamie Brewer). Wrong answer. When Fiona (Jessica Lange) figured out that Madison (Emma Roberts) was in line to become the new Supreme  with her powers were amping up — and draining Fiona’s power — Miss Fiona figured it was just about time to take out the competition. And she did her in with the flick of the knife blade, just like she did the former Supreme, when she took over that role.

This woman can make Joan Crawford cringe and cower.

But that was far from the only crazy thing last week. I mean, where do we even begin? We had crazy voodoo rituals with animal sacrifice, lots of blood and a ritual that called for 2 ounces of “your husband’s baby gravy,” Which if you didn’t figure out what it was, the jar with white stuff in it should’ve made it clear. Ew. Then we have the really disturbing story of Frankenboy (Evan Peters) who we found out was just a little too close with his mother in a decidedly non-motherly way.  And if that wasn’t enough to make us curl up into fetal position, there was that… uh, unfortunate scene between the Minotaur and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe).

WTF are y’all on in that writers’ room? I know it’s cable TV, but Lord have mercy.

Kudos to the writers for that little moment in the previews for the upcoming episode showing what’s left of Madison sticking out from a rolled up carpet: sparkly shoes. Nice “Wizard of Oz” reference. This season definitely has a more cheeky feel than the asylum.

Check out the preview video and gallery of photos from tonight’s episode of “American Horror Story.” And also, you might want to check out “Ghost Hunters” on Syfy. You can DVR it or they repeat it later Wednesday night like FX does this series.

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