Mr. Crowley finds himself in a bind this week on “Supernatural.”

Oh, how many times can those Winchester Brothers be brought back from the brink of death or death itself in “Supernatural?” How many more seasons of the show will we get?

Well, after last week’s premiere, it seems Dean has a little more than Sam riding shotgun with them: he’s also got an angel riding along by the name of Ezekiel. Now if you’re a little confused because you only see two people in the car, there’s a good reason for that. If you watched the show last week you know what the reason is. And if you didn’t watch it, then I’m not gonna spoil it for you. You’re just gonna have to watch it to now won’t you?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

So we’ve got fallen angels, we’ve got an angel who’s lost his powers and grace (not to mention a bitchin’ trenchcoat), we got an angel tagging along that we haven’t met before, we’ve got Bobby making an appearance, and we’ve at least heard from Crowley, albeit muffled through the trunk of a car. Looks like we’re going to see him up close and personal judging by some of the photos from this episode.

So make sure to check out the preview clip for this next episode, and some photos below. And make sure you watch the daggone show so you aren’t complaining about spoilers next week.

And, it’s Tuesday night, so don’t forget that means it’s also “Face Off” night. If you haven’t checked out this show on Syfy, it’s a great reality contest where special-effects makeup artists are competing for the top prize. You get a great behind-the-scenes look at how creature makeups are done and it’s low drama. So get in touch with your inner armchair makeup artists and check it out, but check out a few photos below in the “Face Off” gallery. (No finished looks, but some in-progress ones. You have been warned)


Supernatural Photos

Face Off Photos

Check out “Supernatural” on the CW and “Face Off” on Syfy.

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