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They had to put Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on the poster alone this season so Norman Reedus wouldn’t steal his thunder.

“The Walking Dead” has been a smash hit for AMC, gaining mainstream success with its post-apocalyptic zombie world.  And it’s made household names of its stars, particularly one Norman Reedus, who has become the guy that other guys want to be, and the guy that girls want to… well, you get the idea.

Scene stealer.

Now in its fourth season, “The Walking Dead” is back and they promise that this season, the zombies will return to being the main threat they were in the first two seasons. Not so much last season, because the big threat came in human form: The Governor. When we wrapped up last season, The Governor wasn’t left for dead, and the producers of made no secret that he will be back.

Officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and gang are still hanging out at the prison, and they picked up a few more members for their tribe to replace the fallen souls from last season. Most notably Andrea and Merle (rest in peace.) The season premiere showed us that there are more kids hanging around and more zombies shaking the fence. And after a brief dance with going loco last season, Rick seems to be sane again and back in top form, and bad ass Daryl is always in top form.

Expect some continued romance for Maggie and Glenn, but rumors are flying that there may be little romance in the air for Daryl, as well. Now last season there was a little dynamic tension between him and Carol, so will she be the one he finally hooks up with? Let’s hope so, because God knows Carol deserves a break after that dirtbags husband she lost (which was good) and losing her child (which was bad.)

So, who do you think will survive the season?

 The Characters of “The Walking Dead”

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