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Sleepy Hollow

Most of us are very familiar with the Washington Irving Classic story of the headless horseman and Ichabod Crane as it has been thoroughly reproduced in various pop culture incarnations since most of us read the story in American lit classic High School. Now we have a fresh take of this classic tale brought o us by the Fox Network. Len Wiseman, the creative force behind the Underworld movies, steps in as producer and director of the pilot.

Tom Mison steps in the role s Ichabod Crane and it looks like this time he is going to get pulled into the present to deal with his old nemesis the headless horseman. How the creators and writers of this show will choose to retell this story in modern times is certainly why this has been a highly anticipated show debut. Having a fresh look at a story all of us now so well could make this show a total success in the style of Hannibal or Grimm or if done improperly could lead to sever backlash from all the horror movie junkie out there.

It is a very intriguing story, and let us hope Wiseman and his team have done a good job with their version of this classic tale.

The Characters of "Sleepy Hollow"

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