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If you haven’t tuned in to Syfy’s little sleeper, “Haven,” boy are you making a mistake. Trust me, I know firsthand.

“Haven” is the Syfy series set in a small town in Maine, so first of all, you already know you’re gonna have some beautiful scenery. But this town hides a mysterious secret. As it turns out, Haven is a haven (pun intended) for those with special problems. As it turns out, the residents of this town have a series of afflictions they’ve dubbed “the troubles.” Each person affected has some kind of ailment that is unique to them and them alone. For instance one person can’t feel anything… literally. One person attracts bullets, and by that I mean, when any guns are fired around him, all the bullets go directly to him.

As you can see, the troubles that affect this group of people aren’t quite like the troubles you what I face on a daily basis.

Likewise, the series is really not like any other you’ve probably seen. And fortunately, I mean that in a good way. “Haven” is a wonderful little slice of quirky small-town characters with fantastical elements of the supernatural. It’s not really horror, per se, but it certainly isn’t happy-go-lucky. There’s sort of a mood of melancholy that runs through the storylines and wraps around the three primary characters of the show: Audrey, a former FBI agent, Nathan, a local police officer, and Duke, the rogue bad boy and resident free spirit of the town.

In the first season, Audrey came to work on an FBI case not knowing that she would pretty much never leave. Well, not exactly never. At the end of last season, she had disappeared into the mysterious barn and is missing as Season 4 beginsIf you’re stuck at “mysterious barn”… it’s just too hard to try to explain if you haven’t watched the whole series.

If you want to try to sum up “Haven” in one quick sentence it’s kind of like “Northern Exposure” meets the “X-Files.” And if you haven’t watched it, should be. It’s got one of the best storylines and wonderful characters. And it’s got hot guys… hey, what more could a girl ask for?

All kidding aside, the show really hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves so I’m doing my part to let you know about it. Let you know what you’re missing and hopefully you will check it out. Here’s a few things on this page to help get you up to speed but you know, it really doesn’t replace just sitting down and watching it. And trust me, you will not be sorry.

So right now past seasons are only available on Amazon, but Eric Balfour did reveal in a press conference call that he thought it would be going to Netflix soon, so let’s cross our fingers. And until then, definitely check it out on Amazon Instant video.

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