After a premiere episode focused primarily on setting up the new story, it looks like things are about to go into full-throttle, bitchy-witchy this week on “American Horror Story: Coven.” Sort of the witch version of a Godzilla movie where two colossus forces are about to collide, with death and destruction in their wake.

Or, actually, with a little life in one case. Of the resurrected, Frankenstein variety, that is. Ah c’mon, is there any girl out there who hasn’t dreamed of creating her own perfect guy by taking the best parts from a bunch of men to create her dream date? Well, except maybe that whole actually taking dead body parts and sewing them together part.

Think of it as metaphor made into reality.

And it looks like Angela Bassett is going to make her presence really known this episode, as voodoo queen Marie Laveau. You can also bet your sweet bippidy-bobbidi-boo Fiona (Jessica Lange) is going to make sure everyone knows who the Grande Dame is.

Check out this awesome trailer and some photos from the episode below. And tune in Wednesday night to FX to catch the next episode of “American Horror Story: Coven.”

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