Brace yourself for an action-packed episode of “American Horror Story” tonight on FX. When we left off last week, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) was blinded by acid thrown in her face by that evil Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett), who also conjured up the whole yard full of zombies to come after the girls at the charm school for witches.

Which is to say‚Ķ it’s on between Fiona and Marie. (Sorta sounds like a Vegas lounge act doesn’t it?)

Of course, there ain’t a whole lot of kindness and gentleness on the other side of the fence in Fiona’s camp either. Let’s not forget that Fiona (Jessica Lange) just killed off poor little mean girl Madison (Emma Roberts) because she was afraid she was going to be the new Supreme: A theory dispelled by Cordelia, as the Supreme is supposed to be of good health, and Cordelia revealed that Madison had major health issues she hid from everyone.

And speaking of theories about who the real upcoming Supreme is, here’s mine.

Judging from previews for this week, Miss Fiona is far from done racking up the death toll. The previews show her and her band of teenage witches — dressed entirely in black, of course — toasting up somebody with a little bonfire, and rockin’ it old school Salem style.

Who do you think they’re torching in that preview? How do you think the girls will escape the zombies? Andt perhaps the most important — and disturbing — question of all is how long will the dead Madison be the life size tea party doll for Spalding (Denis O’Hare?)

There’s good creepy, and there’s bad creepy, and that last one is of the latter variety. Ew.

American Horror Story” airs Wednesday nights on FX.

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