For those of you who hate seeing your favorite films remade, a bit of bad news: Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company have settled their lawsuit over rights to a remake of “The Crow,” green-lighting the project again. When will the needless remakes stop?

“The lawsuit between Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company concerning ‘The Crow’ has been amicably settled out of court, and the parties will continue to work on the film together as planned,” reports The Wrap, from a statement released by both studios.

While details of the settlement weren’t disclosed, the metaphorical shoving match stemmed from the Weinsteins pointing their fingers at Relativity and telling the company it couldn’t sell the rights to “The Crow” to anyone else, alleging Relativity wasn’t honoring a deal for Hollywood heavy-hitters the Weinsteins to distribute it. Then the folks at Relativity stomped their feet and said they didn’t have the $70 million to release the film properly; they were less than pleased with the way the Weinsteins handled one of their previous releases, the musical “Nine,” which flopped terribly at the box office.

But it seems at the end of the day, the Weinsteins dropped their legal claims against Relativity, and Relativity dropped all its claims against the Weinsteins, so everyone could play in the big Hollywood sandbox again. Everyone made nice and made their lawyers tons of cash to remake a movie that doesn’t need remaking in the first place. One could argue if they put this much time, effort, and money into original films, Hollywood might not be suffering as much as it claims in this economy.

The only shining hope is that the studios will move forward with having the screenplay written by Nick Cave. Unfortunately, that positive hope is sort of outweighed by the fact that the last actor considered in the running for Brandon Lee’s part is Bradley Cooper.

Despite “The Midnight Meat Train,” I’m just not feeling that.

So look forward to yet another classic film you’ve always loved being butchered for the big screen so Hollywood can make some box office cash on teenagers who want to see a snazzy, new rendition without all those old actors in it. And with a catchy new soundtrack of Nickelback, Ke$ha, and maybe even Katy Perry going neo-goth in pink or perhaps lavender. Won’t that be swell?