The Madness Final Descent Into Darkness! Week 4

The Madness Final Descent Into Darkness! Week 4

So, I started this last week of The Madness as the “dark horse” so to speak, no pun intended, in third place with 515 points + 20 early bird = 535. Ravyn was in second with 546 + 40 early bird + 25 handicap = 611, and Newt in first with 579 +40 early bird = 619. So that was 76 points to make up for 2nd place and 84 points to make up for 1st. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Don’t be too sure…


Walking Dead – 60 minutes (no bonus) 1 point: Is he or isn’t he dead? I say no, since he wasn’t on Talking Dead and it’s ambiguous. But it’s cheap. Not cool, Kirkman, not cool. 2 stars

Talking Dead – 60 minutes (no bonus) 1 point: Whatever. Still pissed about them toying with us including Gimple’s “statement” but how much it hurts them too. There is a limit to how much you can manipulate something without pissing fans off. You found and surpassed it, because there is no way Glenn could have survived. After they ate through Nicholas they would have gone through him too. 2 stars

Face Off Season Finale Part 2- 60 minutes (no bonus) 1 point: I totally knew Nora would win. Her shit was together before and on set, so much more than everyone. 3.5 stars

Inkmaster Halloween Tattoo special – 60 minutes (no bonus) 1 point: God, dealing with watching St Marq again should be worth extra points. What a douche. The guy with the mohawk never had a chance, it was Clean (?) all the way. The Cheech and Chong costumes were funny but Dave Navarro should have worked a little harder. 3 stars

American Horror Story: Hotel “Mommy”  – 69 minutes making it technically a feature. I totally missed that the rest of the Madness (vampires) 3 points: Love the idea of bringing in the Richard Ramirez thing in homage to the real hotel that inspired this, but that’s about the only thing good I can say. And the makeup job on Lily Rabe was so good I didn’t recognize her at first. Oh how you torment me Ryan Murphy with your flashes of brilliance, then your misguided need to go campy  and overkill everything. STOP that please, except when it is appropriate, like that one dance number in Asylum. 2 stars

Supernatural “The Bad Seed” – 60 minutes (nemesis is The Darkness) 2 points: I love Rowena… “It’s the MEGA  coven!” They just aren’t feeling it, sister. 3 stars

Supernatural  “Baby” –  60 minutes  (nemesis is The Darkness., werewolf/vampire hybrid) 3 points: Kind of dialogue heavy this episode. At first I was afraid they were going to “kill” off Baby in this episode, which would have pissed me off royally. Dean’s car is as much a character as anyone in this series. I’m referring to my big laptop as Baby now. 3 stars

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – 30 minutes 0.5 points: Caught this flipping through the channels. A classic. 5 stars

Halloween Wars finale with Elvira – 60 minutes (Elvira bonus) 2 points: Oh man, that zombie party could have won if they had laid it out better without so much dead space, no pun intended. One of the masquerading zombies was sort of hidden behind another. They should have had the table going straight back and two zombie masqueraders on each side. So close… 3.5 stars

Ash vs. Evil Dead premiere  6 points: Now Bruce Campbell knows how to do campy, and this is awesome! Love his realness (and his humor about it) and not some buffed guy, and his two average sidekicks. Thank goodness I have Starz. 4.5 stars

Ghost Adventures “Deadwood” – 120 minutes feature (ATB willingly going into basement counts right? night vision) – 6 points: I got suckered into this 2 hour Halloween special from Deadwood. Sometimes Zak is such a douche, but sometimes I’m not entirely sure. Or at least he has moments when he isn’t a douche. I actually thought it was a fairly good episode, but would have been improved if they brought in Tim Olyphant to reprise his role as Seth Bullock. Anything is better with Oly. I intend to binge Justified once The Madness is over. 4 stars

Ghost Adventures “Island of the Dolls” – 60 minutes (Night vision) 2 points I was trying to find episodes that went into caves or basements for more bonuses but watching Zak whimper like a little girl over creepy dolls was worth it. What an idiot. Rating based on entertainment value rather than quality of investigation. 4 stars

Ghost Adventures “Bell Witch Cave” – 60 minutes (night vision, cave) 3 points – This was pretty creepy actually, at the beginning talking about the old legend, but descended into melodrama. I do not trust some of their so-called technology. 3 stars

31.5 points

Dark Father, Moses Rising challenge

Last week I watched the prequels (VOMIT) and the original IV, plus the special edition of IV, V and VI, the holiday special and Attack the Block.

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back original (ATB Star Wars) 6 points: There’s a little difference in the special effects between the original and the special editions, but not much. All of the original trilogy are awesome. 5 stars

Star Wars The Return of the Jedi original (ATB Star Wars) 6 points: I really already talked about this last week. 4.5 stars

Uncut Fan film 1 (ATB Star Wars) 6 points: A New Hope… hands down the best sequence were the ones not trying to impress George Lucas and trying to be all professional and shit. 3 stars

Uncut fan film 2 (ATB Star Wars) 6 points: Empire Strikes Back  I actually made notes about some of the segments somewhere, but can’t find them. I am so sick of Star Wars, I MAY be ready for the new one this Xmas. Maybe. 3 stars

And at the last minute, literally, did my sing along theme right before sunrise, as I almost forgot about it. It’s posted on the Facebook page where it will eventually fade into oblivion, rather than posted here for eternity. Fortunately, my favorite part of the theme is that melancholy “call to the hero’s adventure” thing where Luke is being all emo, because it’s very short. What’s really scary is the video posted was about my fifth try and the best of the lot. Note to self: don’t try to sing the quiet parts quietly unless you can actually sing. -5 stars, 10 points

34 points, plus whatever bonus points we get for doing the whole thingy…


LOTR trilogy: Quite frankly, I’m surprised these films didn’t come up more on peoples’ lists because the major points for these came up in a discussion before the Madness started. I had been meaning to watch them but simply didn’t get around to it until week 4. I was going to watch them before starting the Star Wars challenge when I realized most seemed to have forgotten them and it was good game to wait till the last week and not remind everyone.

The Lord of the Rings – 177 minutes (ATB Dark Lord Saruman) 9 points: Amazing opening film of the trilogy. A little slow in places while building characters, but really impeccable. And I was so excited to see Christopher Lee again. 5 stars

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – 179 minutes (ATB Dark Lord Saruman) 9 points: In some ways I love the second installment of trilogies best because of that whole “dark night of the soul” thing and that certainly applies here, with epic fucking battle scenes to boot. 5 stars

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 201 freakin’ minutes (ATB Dark Lord Saruman)  10.5 points: I have to say this was my least favorite film of the trilogy and I always hate the sappy celebration ceremonial scenes in theses epic adventures. Too Hollywood. 4.5 stars

John Carpenter’s Vampires – 108 minutes (ATB: death by sunlight) 6 points: This reminded me very much of From Dusk till Dawn 2 for the camp factor, but James Woods trumps the Terminator guy for the win.  And it’s John Carpenter, yo. 3.5 stars

night breed

Night Breed  director’s cut- 120 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Clive Barker always embraces the outsiders on the fringe and this dark underworld he created in Midian is populated with all kinds of fantastic creatures, and David Cronenberg puts in a chilling performance. 4.5 stars

The Beyond – 87 minutes (ATB hellmouth) 6 points: If you ever inherit and old hotel in Louisiana — or anywhere — make sure it isn’t built on the gateway to hell, ‘kay? Very gory, and is it me or does Fulci really like to mutilate eyes? 3.5 stars

Frankensteins Castle of Freaks with Elvira – 102 minutes (ATB for finale in cave and Elvira clause) 9 points: If Elvira is hosting it, you know it isn’t exactly Oscar worthy. 2 stars

Dog Soldiers – 105 minutes (werewolves) 3 points: This little sleeper is a great werewolf movie, which is so hard to do, especially low budget. They wisely kept the bodies human and put really scary wolf heads on them, giving them a new look but also simplifying the special effects. Very well done. 4 stars

Silver Bullet – 95 minutes (werewolf) 3 points: Stephen King. Gary Busey. Corey Haim. What can possibly go wrong? At least with Busey and Corey before they went to shit. 5 stars

Wolfman – 103 minutes (werewolves)  3 points: Lots of hardcore horror fans complained about this “remake” which really isn’t a remake but a film in its own right. I personally really love this film, although Anthony Hopkins is a little over the top. Benecio is perfect though. 4.5 stars

Full Eclipse – 93 minutes (werewolf, eclipse) 4 points: Pretty good TV movie with Patsy Kensit, Mario Van Peebles and Bruce Payne who plays the leader of a pack of vigilante cops turned werewolf-like humans. They inject themselves with a serum so they don’t have to wait for the full moon but little do they know its brain fluid from their leader, who is the real thing during the eclipse. “This is your brain, this is you on my brain.” Yeah.  4 stars

3 Tunnels 2 Hell – 85 minutes (ATB finale in underground tunnel system) 6 points: An island they have to turn into a horse camp so the owner can keep the property, but there are underground tunnels with a maniac. you want to hurry up and die. Loathsome characters you wish would hurry up and die already. Bad acting, bad script, bad directing… they actually showed a horse taking a dump for a joke. 0 stars

Beth(Alex Reid), Holly (Nora Jane Noon) and Sarah (Shauna Macdonald)

The Descent – 99 minutes (ATB finale in cave) 6 points: Very scary cave film, even if you aren’t claustrophobic or afraid of the dark. 4 stars

The Descent 2 – 93 minutes (ATB finale in cave) 6 points: Wait, this chick is really going back in the mine, even though she claims she remembers nothing? And they are taking an elevator down rather than going to the entrance used by the women? That ending was so cruel. 3.5 stars

The Cave – 97 minutes (ATB finale in cave) 6 points: In the description they mention these guys from Pitch Black, Coyote Ugly and The Brothers and no mention of Cersei? C’mon. The Descent meets Alien. 3.5 stars

Interview with a Vampire – 123 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: I loathe Tom Cruise and even though this wasn’t as bad as expected, I still wish they had cast someone else. Brad Pitt is perfect as Louis, and it’s a pretty good film. But did I mention I HATE Tom Cruise? 3.5 stars

Fright Night 2 2013 – 100 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Pfft. I didn’t even like the original sequel so much so the remake of a sequel… nah. 2 stars

evil dead ash

Evil Dead – 85 minutes (Bruce Campbell but no bonus) 2 points: One of those low point movies but how can you not watch, especially when they play these right before the Ash vs Evil Dead premiere. I may be in the minority, but this is my favorite. 5 stars

Evil Dead 2 – 84 minutes 2 points: Sam and Bruce cranked up the intentional humor in this one, and it’s a lot of fun, but I still like the first better. But hey, it’s GROOVY. . 4 stars

Army of Darkness – 81 minutes (dropped in pit, darkness in title) 4 points I missed the viewing party but caught this on Starz before the Ash vs Evil Dead premiere. This seems to be everyone’s favorite, but I would rate this last of the trilogy. I’m in the minority.4.5 stars

Graveyard Shift – 80 minutes (ATB, willingly goes into basement) 6 points: If you are cruel to animals — even rats — you’ll get what you deserve in this movie inspired by a Stephen King tale. Some poor drifter gets like, the worst job in the world andgets trapped with a monster and the co-workers from hell  3 stars

Jeepers Creepers – 90 minutes (ATB finale underground) 6 points: Eh, okay movie. Honestly, I watched it because I saw the Hauntress label it as ATB somewhere, for finale. The sniffing thing is pretty creepy and that noise it makes when it finds something it likes. 2.5 stars

Blair Witch Project – 81 minutes (ATB willingly go into basement) 6 points: This is a great slow burn film that gets under your skin, and I can forgive it for the onslaught of bad found footage movies since. Still very unnerving, and it was a long time before I could go hiking by myself after this one. 5 stars

House of 1000 Corpses  –  89 minutes (ATB finale in underground tunnels) 6 points: This used to be my go to movie when I wanted something fun and mindless to watch, but hadn’t seen it in quite some time. Love Chris Hardwick and Walt Goggins’ small role. I love a lot of things about this movie, but Zombie tried to throw in too many things in the second half. Is it homage or rip off? I say homage, and fall on the love it side of this one, which seems to be love it or hate it. 4 stars

976-Evil – 92 minutes (ATB Englund character is “Master of the Dark”) 6 points:  I LOVE this movie, and its one of my go to movies now for the nostalgia and old school horror. I love how Robert Englund scattered so many devil references throughout as director and the voice on the phone. Heavy handed but fun. Sandy Dennis was brilliant as the holier than thou mother, and of course “Evil” was perfect for this one. 5 stars

Halloween – 91 minutes (no bonuses) 2 points: I hated doing a 2 point movie, but I had to do Halloween on Halloween. If I can’t win with this one, I don’t want to win. And none of that Rob Zombie shit. 5 stars

Suspiria – 92 minutes (witches attack at night, blind character) 4 points: My favorite Argento film of all time. Deliciously beautiful AND gory. And scary as hell. 5 points

My Bloody Valentine 2009 – 101 minutes (ATB finale in mine) 6 points: I saw this film posted on the Madness page and totally forgot about the mine factor.  Normally I would prefer the original, but hello Dean Winchester! definitely tongue in cheek remake but without going overboard on humor. 3.5 stars

154.5 points

Special Bonuses

mammoth cave

Seasonal walk throughs – 3 total: Quarantine, Hospital and Haunted House/Carnival themes at Wicked World Scaregrounds 6 points 3 stars, 3 stars and 4 stars 

C’mon, y’all didn’t really think I’d pass up that Mammoth Cave bonus when its like, 2 hours from me, right? Plus it was my only way to have a shot at winning because I knew I could never catch up with Ravyn and Newt on watching points alone, especially once the secret bonuses were gone. So it comes down to special bonuses — if they have some, I’m screwed most likely, and if they don’t, I can take this. I really had told myself after last week winning one week was good enough and was thinking of blowing it off, but Emily convinced me to go, so if this gives me the win, it’s a collaborative effort in that sense.

Having said that, it was well worth it, The Madness aside, and I’m happy to say I had no claustrophobia freakouts, even on the tour that was lantern light only. So, yes, I did TWO tours. I wanted to go for three, but two of the tours I felt I could handle weren’t offered that day because of work being done on one and the other only being offered weekends, or I would have broken the overall points record. I guess it just wasn’t mean to be. But anyway…200 effin’ points + 2 for mileage (mileage is only one way? If not, then 4 points for 2 hours each way)

208 Points

31.5 (TV) + 34 (Dark Father/Star Wars)  + 154.5 (movies) + 208 (Special bonuses) = 428 + 515 (previous total) + 20 (early bird) = 963 + special bonus for doing ALL Star Wars (including video)

Read it and weep, or if you other two did any special bonuses, read it and laugh at my feeble attempt to take it all. Time will tell.


The Madness – Darkness: Week 3

The Madness – Darkness: Week 3

If I had a weak week last week for The Madness, I sure made up for it this week, being off work and all. I went for the bigger point items, going for those 4-6 pointers and some super bonus Elvira. I focused a lot on vampires, hoping to hit lots of ATB “death by sunlight” points, but damn if I could remember how vampires died in a lot of older films… stake or sunlight? So it was hit and miss.

I really never want to see another vampire movie as long as I live. But this was my big play to try to win one week before I get back to work next week.

Secret Bonuses

Altitude – 90 minutes (Secret bonus 2010 fog/mist?,  Jessica Lowndes) 20 points or 3 points: A bunch of annoying young people run into The Mist in an airplane. Sure, they added a twist at the end, but not the best I’ve seen by a long shot. 2 stars

Nightfall – 83 minutes (Secret bonus 1988 descent into darkness? Sarah Douglas) 20 points or ATB 6 points for extended night at the end: I swear this must be the prequel for Pitch Black, telling the story of what happened to the people who had lived on that planet before Vin and Radha crashed there. The very BAD prequel. Apparently going from endless day to into an extended night of unknown duration takes you from kites and hippie free love to homicidal madness. 1 star

40 points if I got the bonuses

TV Shows

Walking Dead – 60 minutes 1 point: Whoa, just when you think this is going to be one of those slow episodes again, BAM! someone’s smoking a cigarette and one of the Wolves bashes their brains in. Is Carol the badass to end all badasses or what? 4.5 stars

Talking Dead – 60 minutes 1 point: It occurred to me this should count as it talks about the Walking Dead plus they had Kevin Smith this week with his infamous comparison of the episode to “oral that doesn’t stop after you’re done.” 4 stars

Face Off – 60 minutes 1 point: the finale has started and this was the first of two parts. I’m thinking Nora is going to come out on top, but the fact it looks like that could be deceptive editing. 3.5 stars

AHS: Hotel – 60 minutes (Vampires, secret rooms) 3 points: I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling it so much this week. This is how past seasons have gone — start with a really strong premiere then just go down the toilet. More Sarah Paulson please. And Denis O’Hare. 3 stars

Halloween Wars – 60 minutes  1 point: I always love these competitions, creating Halloween scenes with pumpkin carvers, candy makers and bakers. Amazing creations. 3.5 stars

Scream Queens – 60 minutes (there was another secret room/passage reveal this week) 2 points: Sweet homages this week to The Shining and if you were quick to catch it, an ode to the scariest moment in Exorcist III. 3.5 stars

9 points


Underworld: Evolution – 106 minutes (vampires/werewolves) 4 points: I admit the Underworld movies are played out, but I dig them. I love the aesthetic and Kate Beckinsdale, even if it’s taken directly from the artwork of Monolith Graphics. 3.5 stars

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – 92 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: This one returns to the backstory between Lucien and Sonya, so I knew it would be an ATB. But it’s a slightly different spin on the series with the different time period. 4 stars

Blade II – 117 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points – Norman Reedus plays a Judas here, just like in that damn Lady Gaga video, but without the Gag Hag, as I call her. Bonus for Norman fans. Blade’s lady vampire friend has mad style., but too bad she had the brother from hell and had to do that whole suicide by sunlight thing. 4 stars

Fright Night – 106 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: One of my favorite vampire movies ever and one of my favorite vamps ever. You can bite me any day Chris Sarandon. 5 stars

Dark Places – 91 minutes (Dark in title, Christopher Lee, walled up people) 5 points: Older film where poor Christopher Lee stumbles on a mad man rehabbing an old house where there is hidden money. It doesn’t work out well for him. 2.5 stars

Tomb of the Blind Dead, Spanish version – 101 minutes (tombs, blind, vampiric Knights Templar zombies that attack at night) 5 points: Silly film where some dingbat jumps off a train in the middle of nowhere and goes camping in abandoned ruins by herself, making sure to change into her nightie and turn on her portable radio to give it that homey feel. And no one can escape from blind, slow, Knights Templar, zombie vampires. 1 star

Elvira Mistress of the Dark – 96 minutes (Elvira bonus, personification of dark ATB) 9 points: I get the whole schtick with Elvira, but the humor works best as brief commentary on horror films, not making her own full length film. But I seriously want her car. And that house. I could work that space y’all.  2.5 stars

Elvira: Count Dracula’s Great Love – 97 minutes (Elvira bonus, ATB death by sunlight) 9 points: What is it with the telepathic voice most of the film from Count Dracula? He hardly ever moves his lips, which I suppose makes those foreign language dubs a lot easier.  And he commits hari-kari? I know it’s supposed to be bad, but wtf? 0 stars

Dracula AD 1972 –  95 minutes (Christopher lee, vampires, fog/mist) 5 points: “Dig the music kids!!” while you resurrect Christopher Lee in this shagadelic feature with the fab Caroline Munro. Oh Christopher, really? 2 stars

Horror of Dracula – 82 minutes (Christopher Lee, vampires, ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Sweet, SWEET move by Peter Cushing to tear down the drapes and destroy poor Dracula with sunlight, and get me my max points. 5 stars

Dracula: Prince of Darkness – 90 minutes (vampires, Christopher Lee, Darkness in name, personification of darkness ATB) 6 points: Christopher Lee is my all time favorite Dracula, and was my primary influence in a life long love and sympathy for the monster. He is why I always root for the vampire to win. 5 stars

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – 128 minutes (vampires, phantom mist) 4 points: I am so disappointed no death by sunlight, but Gary Oldman is definitely my second favorite vamp of all time. Pure gothic romance where even Keanu Reeves manages not to be too annoying. And a cameo by Tom Waits. 5 stars

Raw Meat – 87 minutes (London underground, Christopher Lee, power outage, secret room, ATB finale in transportation tunnel) 6 points: This must have been a film that influenced Creep, with a lunatic in the London Underground. I also noted in the credits a makeup artist named Peter Frampton. Do you suppose it was THAT Peter Frampton? Anyway, Christopher Lee verbally bitch slaps Donald Pleasance. 3 stars

Elvira: The Devil’s Wedding Night – 99 minutes (Elvira bonus, vampires, startled by bat, Shout Factory TV) 8 points? Boobs and blood sums this up. Lots of boobs and blood. Oh yes, there was something of a plot, sort of,  with vampires and a wedding ritual involving virgin sacrifice. Did I mention boobs and blood? 1.5 stars

Daybreakers — 98 minutes (ATB destroyed by sunlight) 6 points: I used to hate Ethan Hawke but warmed to him just a bit in this film, as well as Sinister. I can’t say I love him, but I love the style of this film, which has a very noir feel to it. And some scary vampire mutations. 4 stars

Lost Boys – 97 minutes (vampires, cave, startled by bats) 5 points: How can you not love this 80s classic? A Kiefer Sutherland motorcycle gang, a cool California boardwalk carnival, the two Coreys, Jason Patric and Dianne Wiest doing her ditzy thing she does so well. 5 stars

Fright Night 2011 – 106 minutes (ATB death by sunlight ) 6 points: Another of the useless remakes, but I suppose I must concede it could have been much worse. Colin Farrell is no Chris Sarandon, but I’d still hit it. 3 stars

Fright Night 2 – 104 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Meh. Chris Sarandon’s vampire sister wants revenge. I just couldn’t get into it. The story was over guys. 2.5 stars

From Dusk til Dawn – 105 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Greg Nicotero was pretty fucking hot back in the day, wasn’t he? Rockin’ a whole Gregg Allman thing. Anyway, great vampire flick from Rodriguez with a lot of Tarantino snark and humor. And Tom Savini for the win. Oh yeah, George Clooney, too. 5 stars

From Dusk till Dawn 2 – 87 minutes (Bruce Campbell? I had no idea, startled by bats, vampires… Ah, ATB for death by sunlight) 6 points: Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that Campbell cameo. Obviously I hadn’t seen this campy sequel before, and I mean campy even by the original’s standards. Right at the boundary of too much, but it works. 3 stars

Prince of Darkness (John Carpenter) — 102 minutes (ATB, antagonist embodiment of darkness and willingly enter hellmouth) 6 points: I love this film, from Donald Pleasance to Alice Cooper’s deranged homeless guy and that bike scene. 5 stars

Hellraiser – 94 minutes (ATB entering hellmouth) 6 points: The puzzle box is a gateway to hell, adn Frank does enter it willingly at the beginning, hence my ATB claim. I love, love, LOVE Clive Barker, and even though the acting is terrible here by the lead and the budget is low, meaning some cheesy effects, Pinhead was a whole new beast in the horror villain worked, and he stands up well to the test of time. But an even  more chilling one is Clare Higgins as Julia, working that high gothic femme fatale thing. 4.5 stars

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 – 97 minutes (ATB entering hellmouth) 6 points: Julia’s back and bitchier than ever. We get Pinhead’s back story, and why is everyone so anxious to visit hell? Clive’s pal Pete Atkins penned this sequel which worked out pretty well. Then the rest of the franchise pretty much went to hell, no pun intended, and in a bad way. 4 stars

Daughters of Darkness (Director’s Cut) — 99 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of darkness) 6 points: Lady Gaga seduces Ann Coulter and her boyfriend. The Hunger may be an influence on this season of AHS, but so is this. 3 stars

Nosferatu the Vampyre – 107 minutes (ATB death by sunlight) 6 points: Remake of the 1922 classic, which was one of the rare scary vampire approaches, influencing many other films such as Salem’s Lot and 30 Days of Night. 3.5 stars

Lord of Illusions: Directors Cut – 121 minutes (dropped into pit, buried, Shout Factory DVD) 5 points: I love this movie more every time I see it. I love the dark side of the magic world, and wonder if this was based on Criss Angel, who Clive knew before he was famous. Extra bonus for using Diamanda Galas for the score as the disciples sink into the mud and are buried. 5 stars

The Dead Zone – 103 minutes 2 points: Not really part of my plan to focus on big point movies this week, but it was on Syfy while I was multitasking a bunch of internet junk. Plus it’s a great movie. I was trying to remember if Christopher Walken’s multiple references to Sleepy Hollow in this movie were before or after Tim Burton’s film. But it was ironic either way. 4 stars

Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace:  136 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 7.5 points: I had hoped that the passage of time might make me say “That wasn’t as bad as I remembered.” I hoped wrong. Still dumbfounded by the awfulness of Jar Jar Binks. I got the worst one over with first. 1 star (only for special effects)

Star Wars II Attack of the Clones – 134 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 6 points – Better than that goddawful Phantom Menace, which doesn’t say much except that it doesn’t make me want to beat George Lucas with a stick.  And Christopher Lee always elevates whatever he is in, but I hate that Count Dooku name. It sounds like a baby trying to pronounce Dracula or a nickname for poop. 2 stars

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith – 140 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 7.5 points – Okay, the most bearable of the prequels, this wasn’t too bad. And of course, we finally got to see the creation of the Darth Vader we all know and hate today. 3 stars

Star Wars IV special edition – 125 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark)  6 points: I vaguely remember seeing this in the theater when it came out, but I definitely remember the huge Star Wars mania after it came out. When I watched that trailer for The Force Awakens, I felt a huge surge of nostalgia, but this also reminded me that this really is one of the great spiritual stories of our times. Which is why the prequels piss me off so much. 5 stars

The Empire Strikes Back special edition – 127 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 6 points: Some people prefer this sequel over the first and sure, the effects were improved in the originals, but I still like the first the best. or in this case, IV. But of course, the classic “I am your father” revelation is pretty freakin’ awesome. 5 stars

Return of the Jedi special edition – 135 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 6 points: I could live without Jabba the Hut, but this did give us an iconic Halloween costume with Princess Leia in bondage. 4.5 points

Star Wars  IV original – 121 minutes (ATB antagonist personification of the dark) 6 points: Yeah, the special effects are kind of primitive in some places, and the special editions that reworked some of them improved the films. Sorry purists, but deal with it. 4.5 stars

Attack the Block – 73 minutes (ATB Star Wars challenge) 6 points: I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying with that thick cockney accent, but campy horror comedy where some south London wayward youth find themselves under attack by werewolf-like aliens. What? Just go with it. 3.5 stars

The Star Wars Holiday Special – 117 minutes (Star Wars ATB) 6 points: That wookie kid is freaking me out. And what is with all the psychadelic music and dance numbers?  Maude and Harvey Korman in the space bar, with Maude singing? I really needed to be in Colorado or Oregon to watch this, as the creators had to be high on something when they wrote it. 0 stars or 5 stars depending on how stoned you are.

224 points for movies

Total with secret bonuses would be 273


THE MADNESS: Darkness  – Week 2

THE MADNESS: Darkness – Week 2

Well, I got several secret bonuses last week for The Madness by being totally OCD and posting right at noon Friday, but lost Saturday and reaping the consequences this week of the lost day and lost momentum. Fortunately I had a lot of time to try to make things up this week or this would have been a lot worse. Plus I didn’t realize how much horror I watch without trying, particularly TV.

Secret Bonuses?

The Shrine – 84 minutes (Secret bonus, mist/fog) – What is with people who insist on doing stupid things that put themselves and others in danger? Some pesky reporter gets her friends to go to Poland looking for a missing person and they stumble upon some unfriendly locals who chase them away. Then they go back and find a dense and very defined fog. That’s where I would say, “Bye!” But no, they enter and right off the bat it’s demon statues that turn and face you when you aren’t looking. BYE, already! Started good but degenerated into shameless Linda Blair ripoff. 2 stars

Pitch Black – 109 minutes (possible secret bonus? Radha Mitchell, Vin Diesel, monsters that attack at night, holed up in cave?) – Great action movie with a new twist on monsters that attack at night, with the unpredictability of a different planet’s solar schedule. So disappointing that Vin and Radha never got to hook up. 4 stars

Dracula: 2000 – 99 minutes (other possible secret bonus from 2000? Wes Craven producer, vampires, destroyed by sunlight) I know it’s kind a cheesy, but I’m a sucker for New Orleans and I love the Judas twist. 3.5 stars

Willow – 125 minutes (Billy Barty, descent into darkness?) I was convinced this was going to be the 20 point bonus, but the descent into darkness element isn’t clear to me. Willow and Meegosh fall through the ground when they encounter the Brownies, so maybe that counts? They all enter Queen Bavmorda’s castle, which is a place of darkness, literally and metaphorically, yet I’m not sure that qualifies? I’m not sure this is the one. There really should have been a Val Kilmer wild card though. This kind of fantasy is not really my thing, but I’ll give it 3.5 stars for having such an unconventional hero.

Madness Viewing party (30 points):

The Darkness – 102 minutes (darkness in title, attacks in dark, secret room, power outage, Anna Paquin, Lena Olin) – Creepy little thriller in Ana’s pre-Sookie days. 4 stars

The creepy clown in The Hole. BURN THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN ALREADY.

The Hole – 91 minutes (pit) – How many dirty “hole” double entendres can be packed in one film and how many creepy doll attacks before you burn that fucking house down already! 4 stars for creepy doll, even if it did get silly in the end. 3.5 stars

The Ghost and the Darkness – 109 minutes (Darkness in title) – Is it just me or is Val Kilmer popping up a lot? I couldn’t help but think of Cecil through this and it made me sad. 3.5 stars

More Horror Movies

The Company of Wolves – 95 min (Werewolf) This is one of my favorites, directed by Neil Jordan with a twist on the Little Red Riding Hood theme, and some serious sexual tension from the Big Bad Wolf. Dreamy and surreal… 4.5 stars

Ginger Snaps – 109 minutes (Werewolves, Emily Perkins, Mimi Rogers used to be married to Tom Cruise, can that count?) I obviously love weird sisters with the same interests and the photos are amazing in the opening credits, even inspiring me on a photoshoot to make my own poison tea party. Mimi Rogers is hilarious as the clueless mom. 5 stars

Nastasha tea party

Darkness Falls – 85 minutes (darkness in title, attacks in dark, destroyed by light) A sick twist on the tooth fairy legend, which is sort of predictable but I sort of like this one anyway. 3.5 stars

Silent Hill – 125 minutes (attacks during darkness, Radha Mitchell, going down into underground?) I sort of wrote this off when it first came out, not liking the monster in it, but now love the creepy atmosphere and you have to love the skinning scene. 4 stars

The Mist – 126 minutes (mist,) What a cruel, cruel ending. Half the cast of The Walking Dead and yes, Carol is a badass survivor even before zombies. Didn’t love or hate it particularly. 2.5 stars

30 Days of Night – 113 minutes (vampires, killed by daylight, extended darkness) Finally some scary vampires in the age of twinkle toes Edward. That’s how you make a damn vampire movie, and Ben Foster may have had a small role, but was brilliant as always. Am I the only on who thinks Danny Huston sort of reminds you of a vampiric Anthony Bourdain? 4.5 stars

The House that Dripped Blood – 102 minutes (vampires, Christopher Lee) I love these three stories, featuring Lee and Peter Cushing in separate tales. 5 stars

sir christopher lee Oh how we miss you Sir Christopher

Sleepy Hollow – 105 minutes (attack at night, Christopher Lee, horseman and witch buried in tree) Still my favorite Tim Burton film, paying homage to the days of Hammer with Sir Christopher and throwing in Johnny Depp as bonus. Divine. 5 stars

Underworld – 121 minutes (both vampires AND werewolves, subway/underground tunnels, destroyed by sunlight) Vampires vs werewolves. Like vampires could really win. 4.5 stars

The Thing – 106 minutes (Rob Bottin, arctic, hidden tunnel under floor) The winter/arctic movies we did for the warm up were good, but this is the best. When John Carpenter is on he’s really on. 5 stars

Queen of the Damned – 101 minutes (vampires, Lena Olin) I really like this one because I want to live in London and join the Talamasca, so I live vicariously through Jessie. (Yet another use for a degree in demonology) 4 stars

The Ninth Gate – 133 minutes (Lena Olin). Vintage books on the devil. French apartments with massive libraries of aforementioned books on the devil. Johnny Depp. Castles. How can I not love it? 5 stars

The Howling – 91 minutes (Rob Bottin, werewolves) This is still one of the scariest werewolf movies to me, and those smiley face stickers get under my skin. 4.5 stars

Trick ‘R Treat – 83 minutes (werewolves, quarry qualifies as big pit?, Anna Paquin, victim being buried comes to life) This is a modern classic and now a Halloween tradition. Just the right mix of cheeky and creepy. 5 stars

TV Shows

Walking Dead – 90 minutes Season Premiere I wasn’t too impressed with the season premiere, or maybe my expectations are just too high. 3 stars

Fear the Walking Dead X2 “Cobalt” and “The Good Man” – 60 and 60 minutes (power outages) I just didn’t get into this spinoff, and didn’t watch the last two episodes till this week. Pretty strong ending, but the whole season I kept wondering why that girl never did go back and check on her boyfriend. Huge plot issue for me. 3 stars, 3.5 stars

Face Off – 60 minutes The finalists were chosen but none of the makeups really blew my away this episode. Kinda “meh” 2.5 stars

Scream Queens – 60 minutes “Pumpkin Patch” (night vision) More silly, campy fun and sorority hijinks, but the novelty is starting to wear off a little. Need a little more than Chanel being a bitch and Niecy Nash. 3.5 stars

American Horror Story: Hotel – 60 minutes “Chutes and Ladders” (vampires, forcibly walled up, “buried” alive in mattress?, secret game room for vamp kids) Uh-oh, I’m seeing signs of going campy again this season, with Evan Peters’ flashbacks of a serial killer and a fashion show? Oh please, keep it dark and glamorously creepy. 3.5 stars

Supernatural – 60 minutes S11E2 (darkness spreading thoughout world) I love Sam and Dean, but oh, it’s getting really tired. And they are tormenting us with the impending death of Cass, making it look like he’s about to be a goner, then saving him. You are cruel Robert Singer and company. 2.5 stars


Check in to THE MADNESS: DARKNESS Week 1!!!

Check in to THE MADNESS: DARKNESS Week 1!!!

First things first, this blog has been on hiatus because of some douchebag hackers who felt the need to destroy years of work to post phishing sites and spam people. Thanks fuckheads. So the design still needs work and there are still a lot of graphics that need to be uploaded all over again because even though I had a backup copy of the writing, pretty much everything else was lost. But on the good side, “The Madness” is one of the vehicles helping to light a fire under me to get the blog going again.

For those reading this that aren’t familiar with The Madness, it’s a contest with a different theme each year that runs throughout October, awarding points for watching various horror movies. There are tons of bonus points and extras that can be earned by following along with the theme or doing extra activities, and the theme this year is Descent into Darkness or the fear of the dark. That’s a pretty broad theme with tons of great horror movies and TV shows that fit into it, which begs the question: why the hell have I been binge watching Ghost Adventures? But I’ll get to that a little bit later and have a separate post that addresses that burning question.

So, this is my first year of The Madness, but I’m feeling the pressure of trying to live up to my sister, Emily, who came in second place last year as a rookie. She’s not in the contest this year because she’s completely dropped off of Facebook altogether, but I’m trying to carry the torch for the Price sisters (no relation to Vincent, I’m sorry to say.) I’m sure I’ll fall far short with everything my plate right now, but I gave it my best shot here in the first week of my first year, fully exploiting the rule about counting movie reviews posted during the week, which means tons of new posts going up in the next four weeks. Basically, as soon as I get home to the hotel after work, the Roku goes on and the films and TV shows play till I go to bed. But I guess living in a hotel also minimizes my distractions on weekends, because it is  around-the-clock horror between periods of sleep. Yeah, it’s crazy. But then, that’s why they call it The Madness!

I tried to focus on some of the “secret” bonus movies to try to maximize my points since I’ve fallen behind in the early bird games. Since I have to add a star rating, let’s make it 1 – 5 stars with 5 being the best. Here we go:

Creep 2004 85 min (SECRET BONUS? London Underground, creature that lives in darkness, finale in dark) – FULL REVIEW – I KNOW this has to be one of the secret bonuses, with Franka Potente trapped in the London underground with a pervy creep then a homicidal one. A little hard to believe she fell asleep and missed the last train, but if you go with it, a very scary little film with a particularly gruesome medical scene. Where is Jason Bourne when you need him? 4 stars

Near Dark 94 min (Bonus: Kathryn Bigelow, vampires, monster destroyed by sunlight, 1987 Secret Bonus?) – FULL REVIEW – One of my favorite vampire movies ever, doing a western style take on the genre. Bigelow recruited several of ex-hubby James Cameron’s actors, and used James LeGros in another of her films, Point Break. Moody and gritty, and you simply can’t go wrong with Lance Henrikson. 5 stars

Catacombs 92 min (Bonus: catacombs) – FULL REVIEW – This was the better of the two Paris catacombs films I thought, where Pink plays a jackass-y character who invites her sister to Paris for the sole purpose of terrorizing her and making fun of her it appears. They go to a party in the catacombs and of course mousy, bullied sister gets separated and lost. I am never going down in that shit. NEVER, y’all. 3 stars

As Above, So Below 93 min (Bonus: catacombs, finale in dark) – FULL REVIEW – An entirely loathesome main character I wanted to kill throughout the film because she gives exactly zero fucks about putting anyone in danger for the advancement of her “research.” They throw in some weird supernatural happenings in this one which I would normally like, but I really didn’t get it overall. Another film that claustrophobics like myself have a hard time stomaching. Did I mention I am never going down in those catacombs? Hell to the no. 2.5 stars

Dracula Untold 92 minutes (Bonuses: Vampires, bats, cave) – FULL REVIEW – I’m always skeptical of vampires these days after those damn “T” movies, but this was pretty good. One take on the original legend with an ancient vampire in a CAVE and BATS who can be commanded to create whirlwind tornadoes and storms. 3.5 stars

Event Horizon 96 min (Secret bonus? Sam Neill, Space is an extended period of darkness, Black hole) I always think  of this as “Hellraiser in space,” although I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s the huge puzzle box-like structure. 4 stars

Silence of the Lambs 118 min (1991 Secret Bonus? Pit, Night Vision) This is a great film, winning Oscars for Best Film, Best Actress and Best Actor and a wonderfully disturbing performance by Ted Levine. But it has been forever spoiled by the brilliance of Hannibal on TV on pretty much all counts. But most of all, as fabulous as Sir Anthony Hopkins is, Mads Mikkelsen blows his ass outta the water. 4.5 stars

Blade 110 min (Bonuses: vampires, monster destroyed by sunlight) Traci Lords lures some poor guy to a vampire club and Wesley Snipes kicks vampire ass martial arts style. This was a great new twist back in the day, mixing martial arts with vampires. That first rave scene is still epic with Ms. Lords. Udo Kier should be worth some kind of bonus but I can’t find any. 4 stars

Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 91 min – (Bonuses: Wes Craven, underground boiler room?) Yeah, the acting sucks, but this is one of the few films that truly scared me when I first saw it, and I could not go to sleep. Plus it introduced us to Johnny Depp. Thank you, Wes. We’ll miss you. I don’t care about the bad acting, 5 stars for scaring the shit out of me.

johnny depp a nightmare on elm street
American Werewolf in London
97 min (Bonuses: London underground, werewolf. Can I get a bonus point for being “Nurse Price” like the female lead?) I mean, this is a classic. Great NON CGI werewolf transformation, great dark humor, and some seriously disturbing dream sequences. Werewolves are the scariest of all to me, but it’s so hard to do them right. John Landis did in spades. 5 stars

Face Off S9E11 60 min – This is my favorite reality show and I used to write about it all the time and have done podcasts with Tate Steinsiek and Eric Fox. But I’m having kind of a hard time getting into this season, as I just don’t feel that invested in this batch of contestants. Where are the larger than life personalities? And the over the top designs like Tate and Foxy brought? Laura’s finesse? Give me more! 3.5 stars

Supernatural premiere 60 min (Special Week 1 Bonus) The boys are back and they’ve fucked up again, unleashing The Darkness on us all. Sure, they mean well, but what are you guys thinking? I know this series has gone on way too long, but I admit I love seeing it come back again and again. Although, the plots are getting a little more tired and thin every season, and the whole spiel in the hospital about trying to save everyone and how they have to change… Fail. But hey, I still love the guys and I would seriously love to have been the cop they rescued from crazy, dark cloud infected maniacs. Sam and Dean Winchester can sweep me away any day. 4 stars

American Horror Story: Hotel premiere 60 min (Bonus: vampires) – Well, adding Lady Gaga to the cast was a bit of a strange and unwelcome move to me, but this season is starting out incredibly scary and creepy, and let’s hope it stays that way it doesn’t fall into the cheesy camp of the New Orleans season.

I normally can’t stand Lady Gaga, but I was all about a total homage to The Hunger, replacing Bauhaus’ “Bella Lugosi’s Dead” with She Wants Revenge’s “I Wanna Tear You Apart.” Oh my, how they are pushing the limits of TV censors with that segment and a particularly disturbing and brilliant scene involving a junkie, a crazy monster creature who seems to have borrowed the sadistic dildo from Se7en, and Sarah Paulson, putting in an incredible performance while this dude is getting, um… violated with aforementioned dildo by aforementioned crazy monster creature. I know it’s FX but still, people… this is not premium TV like HBO or Showtime. Holy shit.

And of course, the Lady Gaga and company sex scene which is a direct homage to when Catherine Denevue and David Bowie pick up a couple and take them home for a late-night snack in The Hunger. Instead of the ankh daggers in that film, they share the dazzled gloves with a single, jugular-splitting claw. The whole thing made me squeal with delight. And I want to live in that hotel, for real. 4.5 fucking stars

Scream Queens 60 min each – yet another delightful offering from Ryan Murphy, along with American Horror Story. This one features AHS: Freak Show alumni Emma Roberts in the lead role as mean girl, sorority queen Chanel. That’s the original Chanel, not one of her minions dubbed Chanel #1, Chanel #2, etc. You get the idea. Now here is where Murphy needs to work out all of his campy instincts, and three episodes in, he is doing an amazing job. He even has the original “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis playing the college dean, and that red devil costume is bound to become as iconic as the Scream ghost face.

“Pilot” 60 min – Sets up the backstory that will come back to haunt them, and Chanel as the queen bitch of the campus. Also, because the dean hates her sorority, she mandates they take anyone who wants to join. Welcome a whole new kind of freaks. Loved the commentary on our obsession with posting everything on FB and texting. 4.5 stars

“Hell Week” 60 min – Niecy Nash steals the show. Seriously. 4.5 stars

“Chainsaw” 60 min – I’m normally good at picking out the killer, but Ryan Murphy is too masterful for me. He’s throwing out and killing suspects right and left. I give up. 5 stars for the EPIC Coney/Devil scene. I won’t spoil it any more if you haven’t seen it yet.

ghost adventures paranormal

Nick, Zak and Aaron of Ghost Adventures, the silliest ghost hunters on TV

Ghost Adventures 60 min each (Bonuses for ALL episodes: ALWAYS night vision and they do lockdowns at night. See individual episode breakdown for further bonuses) – FULL REVIEW – Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous, especially these later seasons, but I went back to Season 2 and found some really cool episodes. So cool I have watched all freakin’ 25 episodes. Yes, I blogged about it.

S2E1 Gettysburg (Bonus: cellar pit bonus) – the Jennie Wade house and an orphanage that threw the kids into a cellar pit as punishments 3 stars

S2E2 Kentucky Slave House (Bonus: ghosts in underground railroad hiding spots in basement) – this was in Maysville KY which is one of the small towns I almost settled down in. Zak gets emotional during a ritual to spirits of slaves fleeing to freedom. 3 stars

S2E3 Tooele Hospital – Really creepy investigation of a building used as a nursing home on one side and a haunted attraction on the other. 4 stars

S2E4 Ashmore Estates – This is a riot, with that really weird guy in the top hat with the cow chained in the front yard. Yes, even the guys think that’s a little weird and react accordingly, which is where I knew the humor was intentional. Hilarious episode, with some people who seem to be really scared of the place from past experiences. 5 stars

S2E5 Lizzie Borden House – another classic, with Zak getting disturbed by the chick hosting them who insists on carrying a hatchet, which he finally takes away from her. 4 stars

S2E6 Shanghai Tunnels (Bonus: underground tunnels of Portland) – Nice historical investigation with Zak trying to tag on some social commentary about the current human trafficking going on in Portland today. 4 stars

S2E7 The Galka Family – This is the episode where they visit the home of one of the men who designs some of their gear. His daughter was killed in a car accident which was what inspired him to start making devices for spirits to communicate. This was where I decided somewhere underneath all the silly drama they were at least partly for real. 5 stars

S2E8 Excalibur Nightclub – The Excalibur Nightclub wasn’t too thrilling for me but the cemetery investigation yielded a strange ghost light and was far more interesting. 4 stars

S2E9 Tor House – LOVED this episode where they visit the stone house of a poet and his wife into seances and the occult, and who wrote a poem about returning as a ghost 50 years after his death, and of course, they visited 50 years after his death. But it had a great sense of this couple’s presence and now I really want to see it firsthand. 5 stars

S2E10 Point Sur Lighthouse – another really strong episode with great evidence and an interesting story. They were really on a roll in this season. 4 stars

S2E11 Crazy Town – This hotel could have inspired AHS this season in some ways, and something about the story of people coming to drink the “crazy water” is really disturbing. They even showed a photo of Judy Garland checking in, as it was a huge spa hotel in the day due to its mineral springs and water. 4.5 stars

S2E12 Snug Harbor – sort of a generic episode that didn’t really catch my attention as much as some others. There was an ABC crew doing a special on them and a spooky theater. 3 stars

S2E13 Glen Tavern Inn – I love seances, and the boys bring in Brit Morgan and Mimi Page as guests. Yeah, I haven’t head of them either. But you can’t exactly expect A List fare on Ghost Adventures, right? 3.5 stars

S2E14 Hellfire Caves (Bonus: CAVES!) I’m quite fascinated with the history of the Hellfire Caves anyway, so this was an awesome episode to me. Aaron gets to dress in a hooded robe and hang out with wax figures, where he claims he “gets it” about this secret society. Zak is very afraid… of Aaron. 4.5 stars

S2E15 Black Swan Inn – Another sort of generic investigation to me, or maybe I’m getting tired of writing brief summaries. Whew… 3 stars

S2E16 Missouri State Penitentiary – Prisons are always creepy, and they get inside the gas chamber at this one, giving a POV of the last thing those who were executed saw as the door closed. Of course, it’s Aaron that gets volunteered for the gas chamber. 4 stars

S2E17 Tuolumne Hospital – the caretaker has named the ghost there “George” and they find out the ghost’s real name is… George. Are you buying this? 3 stars

S2E18 Haunted Victorian Mansion – very cool mansion near Boston, which they investigated one week after the Boston Marathon bomber. The couple who owns it don’t want to live there. I’ll gladly take it. 3.5 stars

S2E19 Alcatraz – another prison, but this one with allegations of red eyes being seen over the years. There is a really creepy story told about a guy in the hole swearing someone was in there with him, then being found dead later. 4 stars

S2E20 Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals – this is right in my neck of the woods! I wasn’t there when it was filmed, but looking forward to investigating this battlefield and they also visited a house in Harrodsburg, where I was previously employed before fleeing back to travel nursing. I love it for personal reasons. 4.5 stars

S2E21 Romania: Targoviste Castle and Hoia-Baciu forest – the team split up for this one, and I actually found the Hoia-Baciu forest scarier than the castle. It’s this wooded area with a big circle in the center where nothing will grow, and Zak finds a ghost light and some crazy energy thing going on. Where is Mulder when you need him? 4.5 stars

S2E22 Romania: Hunedoara Castle – more Dracula stuff as he was once imprisoned here. Meh. 3 stars

S2E23 The Exorcist House – bonus for speaking with a real phd demonologist on this one, set in the real house where the possession occurred that was the inspiration for the movie. Some cool new tech gear also. 4 stars

S2E24 Dungeons and Demons (Bonus: recap of their underground cave/tunnel investigations) – a look back at the Shanghai Tunnels and Hellfire Caves. 3 stars

S2E25 Passport to Hell – recap of some of their most disturbing investigations to date, not just Season 2. 3.5 stars

I’m not sure if this will count for any points but I wrote a spoiler article for for the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead. I figured it can’t hurt to ask.