'Supernatural': Photos from 'Trial and Error'

Check out some still from this episode below, and if you want a full recap, check out my run-down over at Examiner.com.

'Supernatural': Demon-slaying hotties will return for Season 9

Yes, “Supernaturalgroupies er… fans are jumping for joy as the CW officially made it official this week, announcing the Winchester Brothers will return for another season. We’re not exactly sure how the writers are going to keep things fresh for a ninth run, but if all else fails, just incorporate a lot of shirtless scenes. Works for us ladies. And probably many of the guys watching.

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Need to catch up because you just discovered how supremely awesome this show is? Try these DVDs to get up to speed:

Attack of the paranormal drama queens!

ghost adventures paranormal

Nick, Zak and Aaron of Ghost Adventures, the silliest ghost hunters on TV

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means — or at least what it means when “Grimm” and “Supernatural” are on hiatus — we’re left with the Friday night paranormal drama queens on Travel Channel.

I know I shouldn’t watch “Ghost Adventures” and that douchebag Zak Bagans, yet somehow I just can’t seem to help myself. It’s sort of like what I went through a phase where I just couldn’t help but watch Jerry Springer. I knew it was wrong, but the horrific train wrecks unfolding before my eyes were just too compelling to say no to. It also served to boost my self-esteem when I was feeling down.

And that, my friends, sums up “Ghost Adventures.”

The movie “Grave Encounters” is a wonderful parody quite obviously based mostly on Bagans, with maybe a little Ryan Buell thrown in, but nothing compares to the real thing. From his fake bronzer suntan, to his forward sweeping hair, our buddy Zak is in a class all his own. He’s all buffed up, yet squeals like a little girl every time there’s a supposed ghost encounter. And let’s talk about their EVP’s. They seem to think that just by stating without question that some random sound is a particular word, they can convince the whole world of the same. And is there any “Supernatural” fan out there that can watch this show and not think, “Ghost Facers!”

Come on guys, confess — this is parody right? Please tell me it is?

As I’m writing this, our boy is having a discussion about how serious paranormal investigations are and not just something that you get into to freak yourself out. Yes, he really is. But apparently it is something you get into to land yourself a TV show and to become the poster boy for frumpy cougars who think they have a haunted house.

A little tip for you Zak — men’s hair should never, ever sweep forward. Never. Unless it is your intent to scream “I am a douchebag” to the entire world.

And then there’s our girl Amy on “The Dead Files.”

I have to admit, the first time I saw the show I thought it was kind of promising and it has its moments. But as I watched each episode, I started getting kind of skeptical and things seem to match up a little too perfectly sometimes, but maybe I’m just too cynical. It’s certainly dramatic. I mean, I know it’s TV, and they’re trying to put on a show, but “Ghost Hunters” has proven you don’t have to do that to be successful. Or if you’re going to resort to some drama, it really doesn’t have to be that over the top. Just a smattering of drama, ala “Paranormal State.”

Although come to think of it, I suppose if you don’t have psychic Chip Coffey on board, you do have to amp things up a bit in the “drama queenery” department. Just sayin’.

But you can always count on Amy to be entertaining and tonight our girl is is opening “Pandora’s Box” in an all new episode. The Zak attack is taking on Ashmore Estates and the Stanley Hotel, which you all know as the hotel in “The Shining.” So throw on some popcorn for some over the top, campy paranormal fun tonight.

Think of it as your very own episodes of “Ghost Facers,” “Supernatural” fans.

James Patrick Stuart dishes on ‘Supernatural’ and being a Dick

James Patrick Stuart dishes on ‘Supernatural’ and being a Dick

James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart recently sat down with the folks at Winchester Brothers.com to talk about the Supernatural season finale, working with “J squared,” and being the subject of a whole lot of dirty Dick references, now that he’s become a part of the cult hit cast as Dick Roman. Stuart was calling from a convention across the pond, set at a genuine English castle, and swears Mark Pellegrino — aka Lucifer — was engaging in cocktails and some nude Ouija-boarding.

Whoa. We need to seriously party with the Supernatural crew and guest stars.

Stuart has been terrorizing Americans with bad junk food and people-eating demons on Supernatural, although he seemes to have a bit of a crush on Charlie (Felicia Day.) The actor dished a little on how he gets into character playing a nasty Leviathan, given he can’t exactly find someone as a character model. Or can he?

It seems Stuart channeled none other than Donald Trump as an influence in creating his Dick Roman character. Is it just me or is there a little Christian Bale, American Psycho vibe in there as well? I also think he has a bit of an Adam Levine thing going on, but maybe it’s just me seeing Adam everywhere I look, like people who see Jesus’ face in their toast and everywhere else.

Anyway, check out this Supernatural fansite — they have interviewed quite a few guests on the show.  And you can hear Stuart, aka JaPaStu (on Twitter), aka Dick Roman, aka Leviathan badass:

We are also happy to report Stuart has joined all the fans at our lowest common denominator — the gratuitous and juvenile Dick jokes, including this recent post of his:

japastu May 28, 9:30am via Twitter for iPhone

It’s all fun and games until you get stabbed in the neck and your Dick explodes!

Welcome, to the gutter, baby.


‘Supernatural’ preview with Jensen and Jared


I was really going to try to comment on this video, but I can’t quite get past an unshaven, slightly edgier Jensen Ackles than we’re used to seeing. So, um … yeah …  just watch this. And tag it “girl candy.”

We love you for your minds, boys. Really.


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