Oct 152013

Mr. Crowley finds himself in a bind this week on "Supernatural."

Oh, how many times can those Winchester Brothers be brought back from the brink of death or death itself in "Supernatural?" How many more seasons of the show will we get?

Well, after last week's premiere, it seems Dean has a little more than Sam riding shotgun with them: he's also got an angel riding along by the name of Ezekiel. Now if you're a little confused because you only see two people in the car, there's a good reason for that. If you watched the show last week you know what the reason is. And if you didn't watch it, then I'm not gonna spoil it for you. You're just gonna have to watch it to now won't you?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

So we've got fallen angels, we've got an angel who's lost his powers and grace (not to mention a bitchin' trenchcoat), we got an angel tagging along that we haven't met before, we've got Bobby making an appearance, and we've at least heard from Crowley, albeit muffled through the trunk of a car. Looks like we're going to see him up close and personal judging by some of the photos from this episode.

So make sure to check out the preview clip for this next episode, and some photos below. And make sure you watch the daggone show so you aren't complaining about spoilers next week.

And, it's Tuesday night, so don't forget that means it's also "Face Off" night. If you haven't checked out this show on Syfy, it's a great reality contest where special-effects makeup artists are competing for the top prize. You get a great behind-the-scenes look at how creature makeups are done and it's low drama. So get in touch with your inner armchair makeup artists and check it out, but check out a few photos below in the "Face Off" gallery. (No finished looks, but some in-progress ones. You have been warned)


Supernatural Photos

Face Off Photos

Check out "Supernatural" on the CW and "Face Off" on Syfy.

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Sep 082013


As if the real show isn't funny enough, the full gag reel for "Supernatural" Season 8 dropped this week, and you can see it now before buying the DVD September 10. Watch the boys flubbing lines, being silly and falling down... again, and again, and again. And a really uncomfortable scene between Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

You'll know which one I mean.

As for Season 9, a few spoilers have made the rounds, including the return of Felicia Day, and an episode where they take on "The Wizard of Oz." That should be quite interesting. Who do you suppose will be Dorothy?

"Supernatural" Season 9 premieres October 8 on the CW.


Pick up your copy of the Season 8 box set of "Supernatural" September 10.

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Jul 172013


When Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) was killed off on Season 8 of "Supernatural," the fan outcry brought him back as a ghost. Then he got one of the best send-offs in TV history in a beautifully-done episode dispatching him to heaven. And now he's coming back for Season 9.

Okay guys, I love Bobby as much as anyone, but c'mon.

Beaver himself broke the news via Twitter, and while he played such a great character on the show, how much can the writers milk his character? And how are they gonna pull this one off?

Well, seems the only ones who know right now are the writers and Beaver himself, who teased fans on Twitter by telling them "Read the script. Didn't see this one coming. Whatever you think it is—it ain't."

I don't know what they have up their sleeves, but they better make it good to justify returning him from one of their most poignant episodes ever. (Yes, they can get all sensitive and stuff on "Supernatural.")

E! Online theorized that maybe since all the angels in heaven were expelled at the end of last season, Bobby may be coming back as a fallen angel.

Now that could be interesting. And we might be able to forgive them for not letting poor ol' Bobby rest in peace.

Queue up a little AC/DC "Back in Black" for his return.

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Jul 132013


This is one of those posts I wish had thought of and written. But I didn't, so instead of me trying to take the idea and deconstruct it,  giving it a twist of my own -- just go read this awesome "Supernatural" soundtrack list in its original form here.  And  it's good to see some props for the utterly EXCELLENT soundtrack for this show.


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Jun 032013

"Supernatural" fans, say it ain't so! Writer Ben Edlund, who made his mark at the "Supernatural" franchise with such classics as "Wishful Thinking" and my all-time favorite episode, "The French Mistake," is jumping over to "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke's new show, "Revolution." Well, relatively new, as it is going on season 2. After a -- shall we say -- less than stellar debut season.

Actor Misha Collins dropped the bomb at the All Hell Breaks Loose "Supernatural" convention in Australia. After which, the howl of agony from "Supernatural" fans could be heard 'round the world. If you are having trouble placing "The French Mistake" episode, it's the one where Sam and Dean find themselves transported to another dimension, where they are actors in a TV series... named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Classic. And oh-so-meta.

Feb 152013

Check out some still from this episode below, and if you want a full recap, check out my run-down over at

Feb 132013

Yes, "Supernatural" groupies er... fans are jumping for joy as the CW officially made it official this week, announcing the Winchester Brothers will return for another season. We're not exactly sure how the writers are going to keep things fresh for a ninth run, but if all else fails, just incorporate a lot of shirtless scenes. Works for us ladies. And probably many of the guys watching.

Get the whole scoop at

Need to catch up because you just discovered how supremely awesome this show is? Try these DVDs to get up to speed:

May 012012


The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons TattooSam and Dean Winchester found themselves needing to get into the heart of the evil empire on last Friday's episode of "Supernatural."

Their pal Frank's hard drive had been taken by big bad Leviathan Dick Roman, and he had a geeky IT girl hacking her way into it. And if she cracked the encryption and got that hard drive info for Roman -- deliciously played this episode by James Patrick Stuart -- he'd have all the information he needed about the Winchester boys' aliases, where they have their car hid, and basically whatever he needed to find them.

Of course, one would think an ancient creature from the Bible probably would be able to find that info, anyway. But let's not strain our brains too much, shall we? Just enjoy the creepy monsters and cute boys.

This hacker the Winchesters were dealing with was not so much "dragon" tattoo but more "Dungeons & Dragons" tattoo, hence the name of the episode. Or, to be more precise, Princess Leia tattoo, if you know what I mean. Which is to say, the kind of chick you meet at Comic-Con.

If you've ever been to Comic-Con you understand what I'm saying. If not, watch this episode and you'll understand.

Anyway, our hacker Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) found herself with an assignment from head honcho Roman to crack this hard drive, even though she'd tried to blend in as a simple office worker bee. The problem for Roman was, once Charlie saw what's in that hard drive, which was all about how he's a Leviathan and wants to use humans for food amongst other things, it wasn't too hard for Dean and Sam to sway her to their side.

Not only did the boys want her to delete that info on the hard drive, but they wanted her to sneak into Roman's office to access his e-mails. And this poor girl ain't no Angelina Jolie-type spy chick. So they figured they'd hook her up with an earpiece so Dean could talk her through everything.

That included how to flirt her way past a security guard they weren't expecting. Now we all know Dean is the master of flirting, albeit usually with girls, not for them, but Charlie had another dilemma with this particular task -- the guard wasn't her type. Really not her type, being … male.

Now, you know that's not going to go smoothly, right?

Charlie bumbled her way past the security guard into the office to start stealing data from Roman's computer. She succeeded, got out of the office back to her desk, but guess who showed up just as she was trying to leave? Yep, Dick Roman himself.

In this episode, Roman went from being your garden-variety brand of evil to being delightfully psychotic -- Stuart played him as strange cross between Donald Trump and Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho."

Which is to say … awesome!

And it's a good thing Roman has come along as one of the more interesting adversaries they've had in quite some time, as the series has been struggling a bit since the whole Lucifer and Michael storyline the first five seasons came to a conclusion.

Plus it was tough seeing Bobby go -- well, sort of go. Having him come back as a ghost just doesn't work and it seems a shame to bring him back like this when he had such a spectacularly written send off. That's kind of cheating.

Next thing you know, they'll be bringing Cass back. (Cough.)

But anyway, we need more Roman and I think I can speak for a lot of people -- namely people with estrogen -- when I say we need him in tuxedos more often. I think a lot of us were kind of feeling that, or as Dick Roman would say, that was kind of completing us. But then, most of us Comic-Con kinda chicks have a soft spot for a good-looking monster.

Blame it on Christopher Lee.

Anyway, they got the hard drive erased, they checked the e-mails, they intercepted a package for Roman although they still weren't sure what they had other than a big block of clay, but in the end, our hacker friend Charlie saved the day. Unfortunately, she then rode off into the sunset on a bus.

She's kind of a fun character. Dear writers, you might want to consider bringing her back in the future. Just an opinion.


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