Lucas Bryant dishes on romance, bromance, and… onions (Audio Exclusive)


I got to chat a bit with Lucas Bryant Thursday about the upcoming season of his show “Haven” on Syfy on a mass media conference call. If you want to read the hot gossip on spoilers for season 4 that premieres September 13 (Friday the 13th!) check out my article over at

If you want to dig into the quirky goodness of Lucas a bit more — peel away a few layers, if you will — I have am audio clip of my speed interview with the guy on why you should be watching, and what he hopes Nathan’s, Audrey’s and Duke’s fates are on the show.¬† And an epic use of onion references.

Speaking of audio, I told you we were going to be adding another layer of onion here, so to speak, by adding podcasting to the blog. I’ve confirmed Tate Steinsiek of “Face Off” and Bitsie Tulloch of “Grimm” so far, with a whole lot of pending schedule juggling going on with the madness that is the fall¬† TV premiere season.

The podcast premieres September 13 as well, but you can get a sneak peak of our killer platform over at Spreaker now with this clip. And PLEASE click “follow” — Spreaker podcasters can apply to be picked up by iHeartRadio, so your support can help us get syndicated by the big boys. Plus you’ll never miss a show because you didn’t know with email reminders.