‘American Horror Story’ teaser trailers for Season 3


The fake promos for Season 3 as we are still waiting on the real ones. Get crackin’ guys.

The creative team at “American Horror Story” have released the first two teaser trailers for the upcoming Season 3 of the series, set in New Orleans. If they follow previous publicity campaigns, we can expect these to trickle out till the premiere in October on at least a weekly basis. And some good creepy clips.

The first teaser announces the city of Season 3, which of course we already know is New Orleans. But true to form, they pair it with unsettling, surreal imagery as only they can do.

Then the second teaser introduces the voodoo concept, with a human serving as a bit of a pincushion rather than a doll. I actually found this one a bit disappointing and not nearly as scary as their past efforts. But here you go:

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Blue coat teaser for 'American Horror Story: Asylum'

I admit I’m late to the party for “American Horror Story,” having watched it via Amazon instant video to catch up for the first season, but with a cast that includes a legend like Jessica Lange, you know even before you watch this, this is horror taken seriously.

Thank goodness.

This show is now classified as a mini-series, as each season will have a completely different story and characters. This season the series is set in an asylum.

FX has been releasing tons of eye candy for the upcoming second season in the form of teaser trailers, and this one is the “blue coat” teaser. Of course, you don’t get to see any of the stars in this upcoming series in the teaser, but that’s okay — the full dose will be coming soon enough, loaded with guest stars form Chloe Sevigny to Adam Levine to Kelly Ripa’s husband.

That last one is a little weird, but hey, this show is keeping half of Hollywood employed with their never ending list of guest stars. And check out this creepy teaser, one of many to come.