Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon adds a bandana for his new fashion statement

Another promo for the next season of “The Walking Dead” is making the rounds, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Seems everyone’s favorite poncho-wearing, crossbow-shooting redneck has added a new accessory to his post-apocalypse fashion statement — a bandana.

We’re not sure why Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) might want to cover his face from zombies, unless the gas of decomposition is getting to be a bit much with all those dead stumbling around. More puzzling is why they would cover Reedus’ face, as he has become sort of the “Walking Dead” poster boy for all the ladies watching.

Sex sells, Gale Ann Hurd. To men and women. Just sayin’.

But here’s Daryl going incognito on the shooting set for the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead.”




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'Walking Dead' spoilers: One wedding and a funeral

As reported here last week, now everyone is picking up the spoiler about Merle biting the dust, and it looks like it will be this Sunday’s episode, “This Sorrowful Life,” rather than the season finale. The only thing that remains somewhat of a mystery is the how and what will happen to him after he turns, but you don’t really expect me not to have spoilers on that as well, do you?

If you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

It looks like Merle will go out a hero, or trying to be a hero, anyway. With the looming deal to hand over Michonne to The Governor to try to avoid a war between Woodbury and the prison, Merle is off to deliver her, but ends up cutting her loose, with the idea of taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and taking out The Gov.

As bad ass as Merle is, he will fail.

And we all know what happens to those who die, if a bullet isn’t put through their brain. So yes, Merle will turn and some one will take him out. Given the history of the show, and bearing in mind what would make the most gut-wrenching death scene, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that his brother, Daryl, is likely the one who has to put him down. Andrea killed her sister, and Carl shot his own mother in the head, so Daryl won’t be spared. But, unlike those two who rather calmly did what had to be done, tough guy Daryl won’t take it so well, from what the spoilers are saying.

That’s a nice way of telling you you better have those Kleenex handy, guys. ‘Cause people are divided on most characters on this show, but everyone freakin’ loves Daryl. Everyone.

Speaking of love, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out the wedding part of the article must be Glenn and Maggie, who make things official in this episode, at least as far as an engagement. Now, this will be a test of the writers for the show, not to make this a cheap, melodramatic moment, but a touch of hope in such a bleak landscape. Let’s hope they pull it off.

'Walking Dead' finale spoilers: A major death confirmed

If it doesn’t happen tonight, we have positive confirmation on one major character who will die this season, or at least be turned to a walker.  It’s confirmed by a photo of the character as a zombie, so there is no disputing it — all that remains to be determined is if he is put down and if so, by whom.

You have been warned not to read on if you hate spoilers. Continue reading “'Walking Dead' finale spoilers: A major death confirmed” »