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Love horror films? Vampires? Werewolves? You aren’t alone. Scary movies and the horror genre aren’t just a guy thing, but plenty of us ladies love horror films too and gag at romantic comedies. What else we love: Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, The Walking Dead, zombies, Hammer Films, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Price, Sir Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, paranormal ghost hunting and all things that go bump in the night. Join us!

salemslot-vampire Retro Cinema: Salem’s Lot

A Stephen King horror classic every collector should own, even if you can only find it on VHS.

christopher lee Christopher Lee May 27, 1922 – June 7, 2015

The last of the legends is gone: Farewell, Sir Christopher (My Inquisitr tribute)

twilightThe Twilight Haters’ Guide to Manly Vampire Movies

A guide to killer vampire movies, with our sparkle-free guarantee

devilhand The Devil’s Hand

Which of these girls is Satan’s helper? And is this a worthy addition to your DVD collection? Read the review to find out.

Hot Horror Trailers!

Want to learn more about this creeping cadaver? Check out our page about The Mummy.
Vampires were never supposed to sparkle in sunlight. They were supposed to be bloodsucking badasses. Learn more about this creature of the night here.
The most savage of beastly of the traditional monsters, are we really supposed to believe any vampire can match their ferocity? Rhetorical question. Meet The Wolfman.


The Madness Final Descent Into Darkness! Week 4

So, I started this last week of The Madness as the "dark horse" so to speak, no pun intended, in third place with 515 points + 20 early bird = 535. Ravyn was in second with 546 + 40 early bird + 25 handicap = 611, and Newt in first with 579 +40 early bird = 619. So...

The Madness – Darkness: Week 3

If I had a weak week last week for The Madness, I sure made up for it this week, being off work and all. I went for the bigger point items, going for those 4-6 pointers and some super bonus Elvira. I focused a lot on vampires, hoping to hit lots of ATB "death by...

THE MADNESS: Darkness – Week 2

Well, I got several secret bonuses last week for The Madness by being totally OCD and posting right at noon Friday, but lost Saturday and reaping the consequences this week of the lost day and lost momentum. Fortunately I had a lot of time to try to make things up...

Check in to THE MADNESS: DARKNESS Week 1!!!

First things first, this blog has been on hiatus because of some douchebag hackers who felt the need to destroy years of work to post phishing sites and spam people. Thanks fuckheads. So the design still needs work and there are still a lot of graphics that need to be...

The Blair Bigfoot Project

Exists is not a bad movie. But it's yet another in a far too long line of the "found footage" genre. I realize that Eduardo Sanchez has a certain claim to the genre as the director of the classic that started it all, The Blair Witch Proiect, but enough is enough. As a...

‘The Devil’s Hand’ gets DVD release

What happens when you have six girls born on the sixth day of the sixmonth in the same Amish community with deep religious beliefs? Why, a demonic legend surrounding them, of course. The latest creepy devil legend thriller is The Devil's Hand, now available on DVD. Is...

‘American Horror Story’ releases three new teasers

We knew those folks at “American Horror Story” had been quiet way too long. I mean, it's been days since they released a teaser trailer. So Thursday they released three at once. And if the show goes as creepy as some of the new teasers, we are in for a dark carnival...