It’s like Halloween in February with four nice horror releases on Blu-ray today, ranging from mainstream, to classics, to cult: “Sinister,” “The Prison,” a new print of “The Terminator,” and a double-feature video of “Terrorvision” and “The Video Dead.”

Sinister” is a recent release making it’s way to DVD for the first time, starring Ethan Hawke as a disgraced true-crime author who moves into a house where a rather gruesome murder has taken place.



The Terminator” has been remastered for this new release Blu-ray edition, but doesn’t have any new special features form the original Blu-ray edition.

More promising is the special edition release of Renny Harlan’s “The Prison,” with Viggo Mortenson. The movie starts with a POV shot scene of a man going to execution and since they were shooting in a real prison, they decided to use real inmates as extras. You know if it has Viggo it has to be worth watching.

And the last new release is the double-feature of “Terrorvision” and “The Video Dead.” If you love the 80s and pure campy classics, this is a great way to spend a Friday night in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn.