"Jacob's Ladder" is the latest good horror film to get an unnecessary remake.

They’re doing it again.

By “they,” of course, I mean Hollywood execs without one ounce of original thought, who sit in meetings pillaging old films to remake. The latest classic horror remake on the table is 1990’s “Jacob’s Ladder,” starring Tim Robbins as a Vietnam vet having very bad and demonic hallucinations.

Now, someone watching it today might not be as impressed but the creepy “shaking head” special effects of the creatures, but when the movie first came out, that had never been seen before. Of course, having Robbins on board and Adrian Lyne directing didn’t exactly hurt, either, but this somewhat lesser known film was very creepy and disturbing.

In other words, they got it right the first time around.

PLEASE explain to me how you can make this scene any scarier. And why you even feel you need to try to.

No actors have been attached yet, but “The Midnight Meat Train” screenwriter Jeff Buhler will be writing the remake.

I suppose this should be expected from the recent success of the “Evil Dead” remake. But that film put it’s own spin on the camp classic, playing it for straight horror. That won’t be possible this time around, so let’s hope they don’t get the “brilliant” idea to make it “funny.”


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