This glowing bloody bowl is an awesome way to make your porch look spooky and it provides a good lighting for sitting on the porch handing out candy. It’s really easy –and cheap — Halloween decoration. It will glow for a couple hours, probably just long enough for you to get through trick-or-treating. You could also use it for a Halloween Party, if you do this you may have to refresh it every once in a while. Let’s get started on how to do this!


Glass bowl (Dollar Store $1), Red Puffy Paint (Wal-Mart, $1), Jumbo Glow Stick (Dollar Store, $1), and Water


-First you need to physically make your bloody bowl. So using your red puffy paint, take it around the rim of the glass bowl and make it look like dripping blood. Go all the way around your rim. Make sure that you don’t make all the lines the same length because switching them up for lengths gives it a more realistic look. *Another idea would be to cover your hand in paint and make a “bloody” hand print on your bowl.

-Allow for your paint to dry.

-Next, You just need to crack your glow stick as you normally would. Then cut off the top of your glow stick and pour it into your bowl.

-Then, just fill the rest of your bowl up with water and stir it up.

There you have it! Now you have an awesome glowing decoration to be used on Halloween! Have fun and enjoy!

dark glow bowl

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