Can Thomas House and its church turn a paranormal skeptic into a believer? You betcha!

Can Thomas House and its church turn a paranormal skeptic into a believer? You betcha!

While fascinated with the paranormal since watching Leonard Nimoy hosting In Search of… (Yeah, I’m old) I have always considered myself a skeptic. Even though I have had many strange, possibly paranormal experiences in nursing, and specifically in hospice doing private duty night shift, I kept telling myself there was some kind of logical, rational explanation… I just hadn’t figured it out yet.

I was definitely a Scully but really wanted to be a Mulder. And then I joined a paranormal investigation of Thomas House during a Ghost Hunt Weekends event. Nothing will turn a paranormal skeptic into a believer quicker than hearing that first disembodied voice live for the very first time. Or hearing a possible Class A EVP when you do your playback.

But we’ll come back to that in a bit.

Thomas House’s History Lends itself to Hauntings and Paranormal Activity

Thomas House has a crazy history from being a hotel to housing a strange cult, plus a murder (or at least one that is known) with the body buried on the property. It was featured in a classic episode of the paranormal series Ghost Hunters, where the whistling ghost very audibly made himself known to the TAPS team so clearly, even Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes couldn’t believe it.

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) [VO] – S08E04 – Dead… by Spider392

Take Me to (the Haunted) Church

After watching this Ghost Hunters episode while we enjoyed a dinner of southern cooking by our hosts, we split up into groups to do some ghost hunting not only the house, but also in the church across the street where a preacher allegedly hung himself. Because many town records have been lost, there is no way to verify this, but the church was hoppin’ the night I was there and yielded much of the evidence obtained by me in the form of EVPs. Plus EMF meters were going wild, which is pretty compelling since there is no electric in the church.

Chad Morin, the owner of Ghost Hunt Weekends, had also captured video earlier of orbs that hovered then split into three different orbs in the video — as a diehard “orbs are bullshit because they are dust or insects” skeptic, that one was just a bit hard to explain.

Unlike other areas in the house, I heard live disembodied voices in the church while listening live for EVPs, as did other attendees and members of the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew. The first EVP audio sample has a low growl at the end, which is a bit hard to hear in the clip.

The next EVP sample has a response to the question, but it is whispered so softly it’s unintelligible.

Then there are several growls while we were in the church, some hard to hear and some quite clear (the first and fourth are clearest):

A Class A EVP in Thomas House?

In Thomas House itself, I did some investigating before the official start of the event, and while I was in a sitting room dubbed the “funeral room” as it had been used for that in the past and even has some curtains from a funeral home, I experimented with my spirit box and didn’t think I had gotten any responses, but in the EVP below, it sounds like “Kevin” was trying to communicate with me.

But the most compelling EVP I captured during the Thomas House paranormal investigation is either contamination or a full sentence, class A EVP. Full disclosure: this was done before the event started and there were people in the hotel who could have been talking. But the EVP is a direct response to my question, and I heard no chatter before or after the response in the audio, and don’t recall hearing any of this exchange while I was recording and listening live. So judge for yourself:

The skeptic in me wants to think it was contamination, but that was pretty compelling.

I also stayed up after everyone else went to bed, sitting in the TV room alone in the dark, which gave me a healthy new respect for paranormal investigators. You know how you laugh at them when they are scared and you’re like, “Pfft. There are people nearby and nothing will hurt you.” Yeah…. remember that when you are the last one still up at 4:30 am sitting in the dark alone (ALL lights out as we had the whole hotel) in the sitting room where the deceased lady of the house frequents, as manifested in audio and full apparition by previous investigators, and after you have been hearing shit all night with your own ears.

That’s when shit gets real, y’all.

PS. I took my nifty new full spectrum video camera, but neglected to explore the settings to turn the sudio on. DUH. Next time…