BITTEN — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, Greyston Holt as Clayton Danvers, Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers — (Photo by: Matt Barnes/Syfy)

As “Bitten” wraps up its first season Monday night, series stars Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt and Greg Bryk sat down for a media conference call Friday to preview the season finale, and talk about some of their favorite moments filming the rookie series for Syfy. Here’s what each of the three had to say:

Greg Bryk: I’m going to say that I have favorite moments with each of the characters. With Greyston, I really love the moment when I was sick in bed and there was just like — for me, with a son, and this sense of there’s tensions and people grow … Clay was forced to deal with his incredible burden so soulfully.

But that sense that the younger will look after you in your moments of vulnerability to me was very resonate.

And for Laura, it really was there was the two moments: one when she was going to be leaving and told me, and the heartbreak of that. And then the fear of having to tell her the truth. Like there was just — there was such honesty and danger for me as a person, as an actor — and just how gracious they are as fellow performers, fellow artists, that it just made it so wonderful to reveal that about yourself. It’s an extraordinary cast. I feel blessed, you know, to love people.

Laura Vandervoort: Yes. And thanks Greg. I mean, like, it’s true. You can’t pick one scene because I feel like I’ve had — like you said, in ones with everybody that just really touched me, and more than I expected it to. You know, you read the scene and it’s emotional and dramatic, but you actually get into it and you’re looking into the other person’s eyes and they’re genuinely there.

And we all care about each other so much that it just feels genuine and it’s easy to work off of.

And, I remember that one of my favorite scenes with Greg — well, there’s a couple, and Greyston — Greyston and I had our first sort of moments of being nice to one another. We both said it was odd in the flashbacks .. We were both saying, “It’s weird to smile and be nice to one another,” because we had just been so horrible.

And then also, we had, you know, a wonderful scene by the fire place where we sort of connect for the first time and let down their guard.

In terms of episodes, there was an episode that — it was four or five where Elena changes for the first time with Greg — and the turmoil that she goes though … I loved, you know, the entire day just being exhausted and really putting everything into it, in the cage, and that fatherly/daughter relationship of him trying to help me get through it.

I just thought it was so well done and everyone was great.

Greyston Holt: And if I can get to pitch in. I would have to agree with Greg. My favorite scene, Greg, was with the same scene. I just wanted – it’s really interesting to show like these tender moments. You know, these – you know, where we can have the tendency to be quite violent in this show, and you know, it’s really – it’s nice to play these tender sides – the tender side of us, you know, and these intimate moments.

And with Laura, there’s a scene coming up that I really like that hasn’t aired yet in 13. We’re in the bathtub and I’m weak and you’re taking care of me, and after all that’s happened, it’s a really beautiful scene and obviously working with both of you guys and the whole cast has been such a treat and a blessing.

Laura Vandervoort: And Greyston, I’ve seen the finale. I’ll talk to you after about what’s not in it anymore.

Uh-oh. That didn’t sound good.

Let’s hope Holt didn’t get a big scene cut, as sometimes happens. But if you do want to find out what happens on the season finale of “Bitten,” be sure to tune into Syfy tonight.