winchesterhouseHammer Films, the legendary movie studio that immortalized Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as horror icons, recently made a comeback with the film “The Woman in Black,” but now the studio has moved on to another spooky subject — they’ve picked up feature rights to make a supernatural thriller at the most haunted house in America, the Winchester House, according to Variety.

The real story behind the house is scary (and crazy) enough, but it looks like Hammer intends to use the setting for a new horror film, according to Simon Oakes, CEO of Hammer and vice-chairman of Exclusive Media, who announced the deal April 27.

The house, built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle estate, created the mansion that never ceased being built until her death in 1922. It seems Winchester believed that she was haunted by the spirits of all the people that were killed by the rifles her family sold, and somehow got the idea into her head that as long she kept building on the house, the spirits would never be able to find her and she would live forever.

Needless to say, that theory didn’t work out so well for her.

The Victorian mansion is in San Jose, California and has been a magnet for those interested in paranormal activity with many reports of spirit sightings in the house. The house was designed to be a maze where spirits would get lost if they attempted to follow Winchester. Some of the more bizarre architectural details include a staircase that goes down seven steps, and goes up 11 steps, and staircases that go nowhere.

Imagination Design Works and Nine/8 Entertainment will also be involved with the project, as they also organize the Fright Night event held at the house in October.

Nine/8 includes Andrew Trapani, who is also known for producing the film “The Haunting in Connecticut” for Lionsgate Films. Brian Gilbert will also be involved in the project, with his previous credits including the horror film “Wrong Turn.”

Exclusive Media’s credits include Hammer’s release of “The Woman in Black.”

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