It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year here, so here are a few suggestions for some cool, spooky things to do on Halloween… Or any time of the year. Creepy fun is not just for October!

1) Go on a haunted hayride or to a haunted attraction: Check for local haunted houses, ghostly hayrides and haunted corn mazes in your area for some scream-out-loud fun. This is one activity where the bigger the group, the better. To find 100 hapless close to you, check out our resource page to see what attractions are in your state.

2) Visit a real haunted house: If you want to mix a little romance with your scares, try checking into a haunted bed-and-breakfast. If you have a significant other, this is your chance to listen for things that go bump in the night, and if no ghosts arrive, I’m sure you can find a way to make things go bump in the night in your own way. If you know what I mean. (If not, then you need to find another significant other.)

3) Take a ghost tour: If you’re one of those people who don’t like things jumping out at you… what’s wrong with you? But seriously, check your area to see if there are any ghost tours of real haunted places. Bear in mind these are busy during the Halloween season and make reservations early.

4) Do a real paranormal investigation: If you want to take it seriously and do a real paranormal investigation, find a group event investigating a haunted site. Check with local paranormal research groups who sometimes have public events, especially around Halloween. You might get lucky and get a few lessons in ghost hunting or lectures about ghost lore or demonology.

5) Go to a local masquerade party or host your own: They can be sexy, like “Eyes Wide Shut,” or scary, like “Masque of the Red Death.” Be sure to watch the latter before going, so you can wonder just a little bit who might be lurking behind that mask, and if you see a man all in red, run for the hills.

6) Get your palm read: If you’ve ever seen a creepy carnival movie, then you know how scary fortunetellers can be. At least in movies. Try your local version to see what fate lies ahead for you.

7) Have a horror movie night: Either go to the theater, or, if you’re more the stay-at-home type, there are a few things you can do to create a scary movie marathon. Make sure you have plenty of cool treats on hand, lots of liquid refreshment of your choosing (preferably of the alcoholic variety), and a big stack of horror movies. Turn on some Halloween lights in the house and turn out the rest the lights for a spooky glow. Maybe light a few candles to add to the atmosphere.

8) Build a bonfire and tell ghost stories: If you live out in the country, invite friends over to toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. If you’re super ambitious, can even set up an outdoor screen projector system or a TV to watch movies outside and have an outdoor theater. But if you know any good storytellers, or know how to weave a tale yourself, sitting around the fire and telling ghost stories is far more effective than any movie you’ll ever see.

9) Have a séance: Contemporary paranormal investigators like there gadgets and video cameras, but if you want a rocket old school, do a traditional séance. Sit around a table, light some candles, and call on dead spirits speak or make things move. breakout a Ouija board and see if any spirits want to chat.

10) Read a scary book: Now, we hope your going out and doing something fun or meeting up with friends, but worst-case if your plans fall through or if you just sort of the antisocial type, you can always curl up with a good book… A good scary book.


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