Many of us look for a good haunting all year round, but October is the month everyone is looking for a good scare. Whether you’re an armchair ghost hunter of a hardcore paranormal investigator, there’s no better time that October and Halloween season for planning a stay to any of these seven creepy locations. These are the seven of the most haunted locations in the United States.

Moundsville Penitentiary, West Virginia – This famous haunted build was in use for over 100 years and held some of the country’s move violent people. There were lots of deaths from hangings to the electric chair and even murder by other prisoners. Now during the tours many people have heard and even seen things.

Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri – While this building is currently a great Inn and Restaurant it’s past isn’t so pretty. Many members of the Lemp family committed suicide ore died here. Since then the guest have seen people or heard things in rooms that should have been empty. The Inn has embraced this and offers weekly ghost tours.

The Lalaurie Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana – This building has an interesting but gruesome story. Madame Marie Lalaurie loved having guests who would came and dine and party all night with her, but upstairs she had a dark secret that was revealed one night after local authorities responded to a house fire. The local police found the bodies of several horribly mutilated slaves in her attic. When the locals found out they stormed her house causing her to flee the country. To this day people swear they hear the screams of the slaves from the attic.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – This is a gothic-style prison that was opened in 1829. The cells are made of stone and encouraged no human contact. Al Capone spent a year here. The prison was closed on 1971 and since then it’s rumored the spirits of past prisoners have taken over the building. They offer daily tours and even turn the building into the country scariest haunted house in the fall!

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California – While this ocean liner is currently retired it did sail the seas from 1936 to 1967 and carried every from Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn to Dwight D Eisenhower. In 1939 the ship was stripped of any luxury items and given a second life as a war ship during WWII. At the end of the war the luxury was added back for many more years of luxury sailing. This ship has since been open for tours and many have seen the ghosts of a sailor who was crushed to death by a ship door and a crewmate who was murdered on board. Want to read more? Ghosts of the Queen Mary (Haunted America)

Winchester House, San Jose, California – Otherwise known as the Winchester Mystery House, this house was built by Sarah Winchester after losing both her husband and daughter and inheriting the Winchester Rifle fortune. She started building this Rambling Victorian Mansion when some demanding spirits told her too. Supposedly the spirits directed the building of the house, every nook and cranny, every hidden passage, each of the 160 rooms, and 47 fireplaces. You can now tour the 24,000-square foot home the spirits built.

Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast, Falls River, Massachusetts – This is the house Lizzy Borden’s parents were found bludgeoned to death in. The prime suspect in the case was their youngest daughter Elizabeth Borden and this case became one of the first to unfold in the media. While she was acquitted due to lack of physical evidence, no one believed her to be innocent. This house is now believed to be haunted by her parent’s spirits. You can now visit the museum and bed and breakfast and even stay in one of the haunted rooms. Read more: The History and Haunting of Lizzie Borden

The Myrtle Plantation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The legend of Chloe the slave girl is famous and has made this house one of America’s most haunted buildings. You can read the accounts of the slave girl who haunts the place and even see picture on their website!

The New York State Capital, Albany, New York – This building is rumored to be haunted by the night watchman who died in a fire in 1911. There is also the ghost of an artist that has been seen and several others.

Carnton Mansion, Franklin, Tennessee – This building was used as a hospital during the Civil War and many soldiers died here. They were then buried in a mass grave. Since then many have seen ghost of civil war soldier walking around the building.

Have you visited any of these locations? Did you see or hear any of the spirits believed to haunted the buildings?Save